May 31, 2014

Coffee Date

Let's put down our favorite book, get out your pipping hot coffee and favorite creamer, and pull up a chair... let's chat.

God has been doing some amazing things lately. I love that phrase, I mean I am not just saying it because I love the phrase it's very true in my life but I love that we have the freedom of speech to proclaim it... at the same time I always think as I type out things, how would non believers view that phrase? Some might scoff, some might accuse, and some might just go about their business as long as I don't accuse theirs. Don't worry our coffee date isn't some huge religious debate or my real thoughts on religion... that's for another time. I just, life is grand.

I was in a dark place, feeling hopeless about life and I even kept getting these horrible reoccurring dreams that the head of my (once upon a time I could have said my) department is chewing me out and saying I will never be good enough to the point I wake up crying... but that is a thing of the past. 

The truth of the matter is in life we will face rejection and at some point you have to 1) suck it up and move on 2) realize that no one is the end all, be all and 3) Everyone faces rejection and just because they don't see your worth doesn't mean no one will.

Gosh it's like dating... just because some guy that's going to end up totally wrong for you doesn't want you... doesn't mean that really hot guy sitting over there won't want to be with you. My whole hearing was like a serious of three bad dates and in the end the guy just didn't want to date me but that doesn't mean I won't get married. 
Highlights of the Week:

  • Exactly three weeks from starting my beach tagging job. This girl is so excited.
  • Shopping trip tomorrow, shopping provokes the best feelings hahah.
  • My sister came and stayed with me for a week, it was one of the best bonding experiences.
  • My candle obsession is in full throttle... someone stop me.
  • I finally saw Walter Mitty, talk about a good movie!
Lowlights of the Week:
  • I am running out of netflix shows to watch, suggestions anyone?
  • Apartment hunting is driving me crazy.
  • Same with trying to find a job at an amusement park starting august. Prayers are appreciative, the waiting game is unavoidable but it's hard to put your whole self out there in a new state without a job first.

Be Adventurous

Cami: American Eagle Shirt: Love Culture Necklace: Francessca's Jeans: American Eagle Boots: Francessca's

When in Maryland shopping, one must give any store the benefit of the doubt. When I was on my road trip to New Jersey of a spring break heading for New York, we always make a stop at a friend's house in Maryland. We rushed to their finest mall and after handfuls and handfuls of clothes to try on and walking out store after store with absolutely nothing. My goal of any shopping was slowly being put down and seemed like nothing short of a pipe dream.

Then I saw Love Culture... which immediately is not the kind of store I go into firsthand. It has that body central vibe to it, which don't get me wrong for years was my go to jewelry place. But lately my peter pan collar obsession has taken me to new places. But to my dismay as I looked around I noticed the shirt of all shirts... the bow shirt.

There has been no shirt before it that has ever embodied my personality, obsession with boys, and my imaginative charm I so wish actually isn't that imaginative. This is all goes to show you never know what might actually be in those stores you refuse to go into.... 

sometimes your spirit shirt is calling to you.

May 26, 2014

"We Gotta Sample The Goods" Bachelorette, Week Two

Nothing like beach, snowboarding, stripping, and the races.... and the casual drunk, The Bachelorette has it all.

  • Sooo where do I sign up for The Bachelorette?
  • I would be lucky if just one guy wanted a date with me... Andi is one lucky girl
  • "If I didn't think love could be found here, I wouldn't be here."
  • Some boy take me to the beach and fly kites with me and make sandcastles with me. 
  • So sad, I really would have routed for Eric.
  • BEACH AND SNOW. dying....
  • My soul sister is Andi... 
  • "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world." Now that's magic
  • "He looks hot doing it." And every girl relates to Andi
  •  Her date was better than the date with Juan Pablo, and I was in love with that date... 
  • Eric's story... WOW. 
  • He was an amazing man, his parents really must have been so proud.
  • Imagine picking out eight guys and making them strip for you... Andi is living out girls dreams
  • Still waiting to see what happens with Patrick and Andrew.... ;)
  • I have always wanted to make smores with a man.....
  • The easiest way to impress me is tap dancing right there in front of me.
  • Marcus is pretty precious
  • "Women love firemen.... their fantasy" Mine are chimney sweeps....
  • This date would not get me going. In fact I'd probably end up being turned off by all the guys
  • Add "for charity" and it changes everything
  • GUYS next week is the season premiere of Mistresses... so. excited.
  • Nothing like spray tans on boys....
  • KELLY. 
  • Who doesn't want Andi and Kelly to be their besties?
  • How long is this guy gonna talk about how hot Josh is? 
  • Helllloooo Patrick. 
  • Andrew is sad he missed that
  • "When I got on stage... honestly I just saw her and calmed myself." Now that is what I want.
  • I'd be pretty mad if my first date a guy took me to strip....
  • I've never been so happy for commercials. 
  • I already watched Magic Mike... and never wanted to relive it.
  • Craig needs to get. out.
  • I can't take the opera
  • Andi handled Craig VERY well
  • I give it to the guys and they're handling of stupid Craig.
  • The group date is all examples of what you don't ever want to happen to you on a date or what you don't want others to do on a date
  • I am really liking Marcus
  • I want a date to the races! 
  • Bowties are my weakness
  • Craig was born with beer as blood...?
  • Okay everyone is tweeting about her obsession with "stop" but I seriously don't hear it...?
  • If only we could all have private concerts and helicopters on our first dates....
  • I've always wanted to be serenaded but a drunk I'm sorry and an opera singer is not what I would have in mind
  • If that's your looking good outfit... I'm sorry
  • I want Andi inspired makeup.. and tan
  • I can't tell if I am attracted to JJ
  • So glad Craig is gone but Opera guy.... really?
Cheers To Finding Love

Let's Fly To Neverland

Shirt: Forever 21 Skirt: J Crew Shoes: Payless Bracelet: Alex and Ani

I may absolutely adore the disney princesses Ariel and Belle, but my heart also goes out to Wendy. Truth be told my heart shattered the day I realized I was too tall to be Wendy in Disney World and lately with the move to Florida more and more on my mind I can't help but think of Wendy and my dream. Not to mention just looking like Wendy on a daily basis would be awesome. Lucky for me one thing I absolutely love to wear is Peter Pan Collars that while look nothing like Wendy, help me feel a little closer to her. What can I say? I just love looking like a fourteen year old trapped in a twenty-one year old's body I suppose.

Here's to the disney lover and kid in all of us 

May 22, 2014

Products I Love: Arbonne's Sea Salt Scrub

I am obsessed with smooth skin and sweet sugary smelling things so if you're going to give me a product that gives me both of those things.. I will eat it up and probably cry tears of joy. 

For those of you who don't know what an Arbonne party is, it's simply a spa party with your closest girlfriends (or if you aren't hosting it... most likely the hosts close friends) where you soak your feet, get a full spa treatment, and learn some interesting health facts about products and the products your trying on. It's super low key, fun, and gets you on a skincare high. 

So when I won my free spa party and the lady pulled out the Arbonne Aromassentials Awaken Sea Salt Scrub she had my attention right away. She passed it around and talked about how she used it to shave her legs. You got the scrub them down and when you rinsed you were left with the oils to shave with. Immediately my eyes started seeing little hearts around the product and when she passed it around to smell... I died. 

It goes on so smooth and smells like a dream. Now I am not a fan of lemon, typically anything lemony makes me want to puke with the small exception to the rule and this is one of them. It's probably because I am so in love with how the oils make my skin feel that after I am done shaving I kid you not.... I want to run around telling people to feel my legs. (Is that just a me thing?.... okay....anyway)

It's a mere $32 dollars and lasts wayyy longer than any of the conditioners I tried shaving with to get that perfect shaved, smooth feeling. With a job like working on the beach I need smooth legs but not sensitive smooth legs that little gravels of sand will bother it, which sometimes was a problem but with Arbonne that's a thing of the past. I have found my life saver. And finally a reason to be really excited about shaving my legs... a tedious task we must do but wish we didn't have to.

May 19, 2014

"She Is Smiling"- The Bachelorette, Week One

Real Talk: If you don't love Andi, we can't be friends...

  • My thoughts are with Eric's family and friends, just looking over the guys he was my first pick. 
  • Seriously Andi is so adorable, her happiness and over all perkiness... so precious.
  • I am such a romantic at heart that I'd probably through it all away for love too... but twenty five guys arent fighting for my attention....
  • I need Andi's wardrobe
  • I am so glad she went with the other dress because that dress is gorgeous. 
  • I can relate to Andi... i too have said "wow" out loud when a guy has walked out in front of me.
  • The first meets always remind me of speed dating.
  • Aww I kinda like JJ.
  • Wedding planner is a wedding planner for a reason.... adorable.
  • I want a guy to teach me how to surf!
  • Jason reminds me of that guy on glee... socially awkward and a big mouth.
  • "She is smiling." what a compliment
  • Aww I like Dylan
  • Soccer is still my witness... hello Patrick.
  • I don't know if I have been watching too much Mad Men but Emil kind of resembles Jon Hamm a little
  • Every episode, I consider going on the bachelor.... I really do
  • I want to be serenaded... with Tarzan
  • "She looks like a bride!" I am sure the guy that got told to say that felt like an idiot.
  • So muchhhhh long hair
  • Aww my heart flew when Eric came out... he really would have been my favorite
  • My feelings about sushi is just like Andi
  • "the love of my life right now is cookies." me too, me too.
  • bahah the black and white cookie... funny and those are my favorite cookies
  • Okay I take back my impression of JJ.... he reminds me of Bill Nye... that's creepy
  • I want to go to South Africa in the jungles.... 
  • THEY'RE TALKING FRENCH. I only know how to say hello, bread, and.....undress lol
  • I love singers but I am never feeling opera singers
  • Patrick and Andrew are hitting it off with each other more than Andi...... they might have just found love.
  • I wish a guy would come out of no where and try for my heart..... intense.
  • Once as a kid I liked a guy that was in the FFA, so I feel ya Andi. I guess I could be into it too evidently.
  • Chris isn't your average farmer... helloooo.
  • Marcus was cuter when he walked out the limo.
  • I don't remember the guy that's getting the first impression rose lol.... ironic.
  • Aww but he is precious! But in a let me hug you, you are like the quirky side kick in my rom com
  • I hope she lets the Opera guy go, he gives me the creeps and it's not his singing....
  • Patrick didn't connect with Andi cuz he was too busy with Andrew.....
  • I watch too many soap operas and such but Bradley reminds me of the evil guys that show up and cause drama but that's unfair to his face.
  • I don't know that Andrew favors girls.... still skeptical.
  • If you don't follow Princess Problems on twitter you seriously should, she makes watching the show that much greater. 
  • I would have loved Josh and offered to be his wife if he hadn't went on his rant oh wow.

Cheers to the beginning of finding love Andi!

May 17, 2014


1. I took a stab at making my first batch of No Bake Cookies via this recipe. I substituted the milk with almond milk because that's all I had and it was pouring so a trip to the grocery store wasn't in the cards. I think i surely would have loved to become a baker in another life.

2.  For me summer has officially started so it's time to bring out the strawberry spinach salads and this makes me incredibly happy!

3. I have been filling my day with Mad Men: I know, I know it's taken me long enough. It is not a decision I regret clicking that first episode on Netflix.

4. This week I plan on doing some major cleaning and trying to read A Tale Of Two Cities. Oh and apartment searching, can't forget that biggie.

5. I forgot just how funny SNL can be, so catching up on that has been a laugh and more.

Hit and Misses of the week:
  • Hit: Yesterday was the last day of the Victoria Secret Swim Sale and I ordered myself a new bathing suit- beach here I come. 
  • Miss: Two days ago I started my shower and was visited by a hornet, don't worry it's Brooke: 1 Hornet: 0 but it took a can of hornet spray and suffocating the poor thing. 
  • Hit: I am already on season three of Mad Men. This could also be considered a hit as I currently have no life obviously.
  • Miss: I have been waiting patiently for my new Lilly dress to come in the mail, turns out my mother forgot to order it... all that patient frantic checking for nothing.
  • Hit: I am pretty sure my birthday wish came true.... :) 
  • Miss: My life is now consumed with two apps: candy crush saga and 2048. 

May 15, 2014

Let's Get Crafty: Candy Greeting Cards

I LOVE giving gifts but I think a real passion of mine is making gifts out of nothing like they're a scrapbook so when I needed an idea to give my dear friend after seeing him in Mary Poppins I knew I had to think on my toes. This crazy, thirteen year old just happens not to like chocolate so we had to find anything sweet. 

After weeks of trying to think of an idea the memories of candy card greeting cards came to my mind, and I decided to roll with it. For those of you not familiar with the idea it's basically cute sayings like I thought I would take you in a shopping spree and there you have sprees waiting for the person. A play on words with candy! 

We luckily had card board and decided to buy some cute scrapbooking paper and glue them to pieces of cardboard and write on them, and stick the candy to it. It's a fun way to show someone how much you care and I who doesn't want loads of free candy?

May 14, 2014

Products I Love: Summer 2014

I know with all the abundance of cold weather and strange snowstorms it does not seem right to start talking about summer... I mean helllloooo where is spring!? But with summer around the bend I had to do a post about some of mu summer essentials (don't worry the self tanner is only until summer really begins) 

1. Essie Essie Essie. I can't praise this nail polish enough. It's my go to polish not only for the color but the consistency and how well it stays on. It's a little expensive but oh so worth it. Once I went Essie, I just couldn't go back. My two top colors are ballet slippers (which for the summer I like more as an "accent" color because it tends to look super white and for summer- I want a little color. Then the other that is to die for is eternal optimist a simple pink that pops but isn't neon. Perfect, it gives a fun color but a more mature edge.

2. Baby Lips. I can't praise this chapstick enough. It gives you the edge of lipgloss but all the nutrients of chapstick. It's a summer go to. Whatever other chapstick your using.... put it down seriously and try this you won't regret it. Did I mention it's the only chapstick I have actually finished til the end!? I was so protective of knowing where it was at all times I never once lost it.

3. Jergens Natural Glow. Now before you bring out the pitchfork and the fire calm yourself down... I know, I know self tanner.... orange who wants that. I was super super skeptical but I promise this is the best self tanner possible out there and the price is just as magical. In the summer I work at the beach so a tan isn't that big of an issue and I think I speak for most girls when I say that a little glow makes me feel a whole lot prettier. I wanted that glow and seeing as work is a whole month and some days away I needed self tanner because tanning beds just aren't my medicine right now. I suggest the three days to glow lotion and then for your face this. I like the product and am happy with the turn out but I will say I don't think it's for everyone but that doesn't devalue the product. 

4. Skin Conditioning Oils. It's a smaller bottle so I recently haven't tried using it on my legs after I shave which let's be honest feels amazing (but I also shave with oils... but that's for a later post hehe) anyway I use this stuff on my hands and the result is amazing. I have smooth hands and arms that basically lead me to wanting to touch everyone with my hands.... good perk or bad perk all depends hahah. For my skin it feels like that long glass of water you need after a day in the sun or a exercising. We shouldn't deny our skin that water either. 

5. Crest 3D White Mouthwash. This might just be my favorite mouthwash, and while I like what they do I have never been a fan. The best part about this mouthwash isn't even the double dose of whitening power along with my whitening toothpaste, it's the fact it's alcohol burn free. That's always been the killer part of mouthwash for me the burn makes my eyes water, I feel sick after it, so basically I have to plan my whole schedule around my mouthwash so I know I have time to calm down after I take it and start to feel sick. Who needs that and who has the time!?!? My friend used this and on an effort to get my body healthier and a happier me.... I picked up some. I needed mouthwash and this one was calling my name and I can honestly say I haven't been happier since. The mouthwash now still has a bit of a kick to it but no burn. Amazing!

Well these are my summer essentials! Not to mention these things make for a perrrrfeccctttt gift! Leave a comment below if you'd be interesting in ordering something Arbonne (doesn't even have to be what is mentioned in this post) please leave a comment and I can get back to you right away! 

Dream A Little Dream

This year was a whirlwind of excitement, hardships, and the impossible. It also has reached a birthday for my glorious corner of the internet, LookBrooke you are officially one year old and I hope to have plenty more time with you. With the birthday of LookBrooke and the end of the year I have so much to be thankful for and so many adventures that I experienced this year and I Would Do It All Again. 

I keep thinking back through this year and the different things I learned through forgiveness, to relying on Jesus more and stop trying to do everything myself, and to the friendships made. There was so much good in this year that I can't help but want to celebrate it and here are a few of my favorites:

1. OBX: There is something magical about spending a weekend with your roomies surrounded by the beach, sand, and adventure. I had also never been there prior, and can say it's a beach I wouldn't mind going to for the rest of my life.

2. Opportunities: I do not regret a single opportunity I took this year from auditioning for the student films, to landing a role as an extra on a motion picture, to giving it my all and never giving up on my dreams. This year was a learning experience one after the other, and I got to see myself grow and learn what truly mattered to me in the process.

3. Off Campus Life!

4. New York City: Nothing like escaping school for a bit and heading to your favorite place in the whole world. From standing in the rush line for Les Mis and loosing all feeling in my toes, to seeing it all be so worth it when I got to meet Andy Mientus and Samantha Hill. From meeting up with a best friend in the city so the two of you can see Newsies and bawl your eyes out together. New York is where anything seems possible and your dreams are right there within reach. I love it. 

5. Arbonne: Thank God for new opportunities and experiences as well as new passions. I am so excited to be going on this journey and selling something I really believe in.

Junior Year, I would relive every day over again.

May 12, 2014

The New Era

I remember when I got my first job, my employer called me offering the position and when I got off the phone I cried. Not from happiness, but pure sadness that I was leaving a summer with friends behind for a summer at the beach with a bunch of random people. Ironically enough before my job I hated the beach, sand and water did not seem like the right place for me. Sure enough I am coming to my fourth summer working at the beach and I love every second, some of my best friends came from that job. I just sometimes am not a fan of change. A new surrounding can be exciting and don't get me wrong it is great. Fear sets in soon though, and I am waking up in the middle of the night in a sweat over what could possibly happen next. 

About a month ago my world was rocked. A dream I had since sixth grade came crashing down in front of me. I took a step back and decided I needed to take time of school and figure out my next dream. Two days ago I made a life decision. I have decided it's time to pack my bags and get away from my home town and college life here.... so florida here I come. I am in the process of finding a job, so if anyone has any jobs to pass on to me to look at I would greatly appreciate it. 

I am excited for the future and what is to come, Florida here I come!

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