March 31, 2014

Perks Of Being A Day Dreamer

Today begins a new dawn, an era of monday posts entitled "LookBrooke's Realizations" an every week occurrence of the lessons God is teaching me, blessings along the way, and most importantly real talk... how is life and what have YOU realized lately? I hope to make this a link up where we as women bloggers can support one another in the daily journeys of life. being women, and really embracing the quirks that make us unique and then some that bond us to others! 

I have always thought myself to be a "Day Dreamer" and often times I have seen it get the best of me. Now, when I looked up the definition on the internet I was met with this: 
"someone who indulges in idle or absentminded daydreaming"
Now I think there is more to the story.... I think daydreaming doesn't have to make you idle. I also think there is a huge point and advantage to daydreaming. I also believe that everyone can relate to the "day dreamer" because everyone has a little bit of it inside them.
  1. Day dreaming brings about the obvious.... dreams. I think dreams are one of the best blessings given to us for our life. Dreams show us the desires of our heart, show you if your dream is a goal you should actually be going for, and day dreaming sometimes shows you just how much someone or something means to you.
  2. Immediately I think of today in voice for the stage, we were talking about one of Shakespeare's sonnets and how when you are in love or so completely infatuated: you end up being jealous of the things they touch. You wish to be the floor they walk on or the very door knob they touch as they enter and leave rooms. You find yourself jealous that they are touching those objects and not you.... feelings can be found out or resolved through day dreams. 
  3. Day dreaming opens up creativity. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to go and sit down to write a musical or book just on my daydreams/real life experiences. Daydreams sometimes lead to some posts....
  4. Daydreams can lead you to new opportunities. Daydreaming is actually how I ended up becoming an Independent Consultant for Arbonne. I am a huge daydreamer, and I often see myself being a stay at home mother (if God allowed it) once I eventually got married and had kids. With that mentality, when I was introduced to Arbonne the consultant I met she told her story and it all started because she wanted to be a stay at home mom! Long story short... it was all because of my daydreams of one day being a stay at home mother myself, made me want to already build a client base and have experience with Arbonne so when I eventually meet my prince, we can have children without hesitation of income or me being there to raise her/him. 
  5. Daydreams also cause you to stand in the freezing cold so that you meet your idles. (AKA stage dooring Les Mis when it feels like -5 degrees outside.) 

What are some of your perks for being a day dreamer?

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