February 24, 2014


*Inspiration: Hey, Hollywood Link Up*

  • would be content being a stay at home mother. 
  • loves theatre with all my heart.
  • follows Jesus, and eagerly is learning so much about Him this year.
  • is a romantic at heart.
  • her guilty pleasure is Kesha.
  • is obsessed with nutella and strawberries. 
  • tears up at anything (it seriously is really sad)
  • is a HUGE Birthday celebrator! I LOVE birthdays and love celebrating with friends and appreciating the fact they are were brought into my life all thanks to that wonderful day.
  • LOVES Disney (Tarzan is my weakness...)
  • is a day dreamer.
  • thinks one of the most attractive things is a man who can sing and wear a backwards baseball cap... weaknesssss.
  • i love to curl up with a good book, coffee or tea, and candles. I mean who doesn't!?
  • makes lipstick her best friend.
  • i am the queen of over thinking.

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  1. I hear ya on the stay at home mother one. Obviously after today's post of my own haha.


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