January 6, 2014


There is something truly special about knowing there is someone who loves you at your worst, at your best, and in between. The most beautiful picture ever painted about love, is the love that God has for everyone. We are all God's favorites, we are all wanted by him.. no matter how we start our day, end it, and what we do in between. Nobody is an outsider when it comes to his love, because that's the beauty of who God is and of his immense love, it is on the basis of his love and not ours. Earthly love can be beautiful, don't get me wrong... but typically it's on giving to each other and giving back basis. Katy Perry says it right with her new song Unconditionally, because that is God's love... unconditional. 
I'm overwhelmed with gratitude, to think that someone loves me, us THAT much. Beyond the point of recognition and understanding. 
To know that no matter your mistakes, your sin, or walk with God- He is there with open arms waiting to give you hope. The hope that stems from not only his love, the fact of dying on the cross for you, but  also that even through our mistakes God has a plan. A gorgeous plan for each of us, one that we can't foresee or imagine it's beauty. 
I worry way too much, to the point of getting myself sick even. I remember my best friend telling me there was no need to worry, with God on your side and holding you up why would you worry. I remember thinking I know he is there for me and that he has my life in his hands, but I just couldn't grasp not worrying. Then while reading Judah Smith's Jesus Is ____. something clicked. There is no need to worry because of the very fact your future is in God's hands. The very man who loved you before you were even born that he sent his son to die on the cross. The same one that no matter how many times you may have lied, he is waiting with open arms. He loves you so much that he is willing to pick you up each time you fall. 
I am so thankful to have that influence in my life, and that everyone gets that love rather we give it back to God or not. It's a beautiful thing. 

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