January 15, 2014


Yesterday I was doing my devotions and two things stood out to me. First, this verse above.. I mean God does this for us daily. Everyone has their own deep waters, their own struggles, and their own battles. Yet no matter how deep our water, he is willing to take hold of us and draw us out!? LIKE WHAT. In acting class we had to close our eyes and think of a time we were in an extremely boring conversation and think of why we wanted to get away and how we felt. Every person we all thought of... they have deep waters and he fishes them out too! THIS IS AMAZING.

Second, Judah Smith's Jesus Is_____. is obviously a favorite. I know I mention it often, but it seriously has so many amazing points. Here I quote a section from the book that goes perfectly with how he fishes us out of the deepest and murkiest water.
I know about second chances because my two boys played T-ball. Are you serious? The ball is stationary on a rubber T. How many swings do these kids get? It's the eighth swing, and parents in the stands are saying, "Good swing, Johnny!" I'm thinking, "He didn't even hit the rubber T and it's three feet in front of him. Why are we celebrating this mediocrity?" Then on the eighth swing, he brushes the bottom of the T, and the ball falls off. And the coach yells, "Run." That's a lot like God. We get one strike, then another strike, then another-and everybody is saying, "I can't believe this guy is still alive. I can't believe God is still blessing him." We keep swinging and swinging. And God, who is rich in mercy, picks up the ball again. "Swing again, slugger. Just swing again." Meanwhile, people watching us are shaking their heads. "He's out." God says, "He's not out till I say he's out." 
No matter how dirty your water is and how far under you are being pulled, he will save you. He died on the cross for us. God is soooo good!

Let me know if there is anyway I can be praying for you!


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