January 25, 2014


  • Saturdays mean a day in a warm house, no more long freezing walks back and forth to get to classes and running out of breath from practically flying to make it to class on time, warm coffee and hot chocolate overflowing, catching up on TV shows like: How I Met Your Mother, The Carrie Diaries, and New Girl, and curling into your bed with a good book. 
  • Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman. Look it up, devour the text, and live the truths... such a great reminder of who God is, what He can do for us and through us. 
  • Candles are a girls best friend. 
  • As are warm cookies.
  • The sounds of Laura Osnes and Cinderella on Broadway are flooding the house right now, inspiration at it's finest, remember: impossible things are happening everyday.
  • I have a facetime date with my dearest best friend Stacey who has been away working with Cinderella and Rapunzel in Disney World.
  • It's official... spring break is me and Lauren heading to New York City for another New York Adventure! 
  • I know I have wrote on this before (Me Myself and I and That's Okay) but I lost sight on that truth. My singleness is a blessing in itself. I get to focus on my dreams, making me a better person, and growing in the truths God wants to open my eyes to. If I have waited 20 years for a real first date, I think I can wait a little longer. ;) 

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