January 5, 2014

2013... WHAT A YEAR...

Truth is I have been putting off making this post for many reasons 
a) it's generic, over-used, and typical 
b) I love generic, over-used, typical things so with the whole new year resolutions and all... shouldn't I try to change that..? 
c) It takes a lot to look in detail what 2013 really meant... to enjoy all the lows and highs.
 But it's fun, this is my blog, and as much as I wished I was totally cool and millions read my lovely posts... they don't and that is OKAY. This blog is for me after all... ;) 

It all started with my first mainstage callback where I had to remember six years of lost ballet and let me tell you when I leaped after everyone had already leaped in unison... I knew I was going to be a star. "Mr Demille, I'm ready for my close up." I went on my first blind date ever, and by the end of it I had myself wondering if the guy was gay because he was way too into asking questions about our school's Tarzan than me. But hey... Tarzan is a cool guy, so I will give to him. We didn't work out, mostly because he laughed at my major and accused it of not being beneficial (okay Mr. Worship Major). Also, is there nothing more exciting then getting on facebook and seeing a notification that the guy you have found to be the most beautiful guy in the world has liked your status... and it wasn't a mistake. It's a beautiful thing, I may or may not have ran around the room crying saying I've been waiting for this moment my whole life.... 

The month of love, or in my case the month of free chocolates, a gift from my father, and a date night... with me, myself, and I. This years gift was Tarzan on DVD, because what better thing to cry along to when you feel lonely, forever alone, and well.... you aren't going to be Jane Porter anytime soon. 

NEW YORK CITY. There is nothing quite like having your first we are grown ups alone in my future home trip. It included all the right of passage things your typical first grown up vacation has to include. 
Right Of Passage 1: Run into the boy that broke your heart as you are running with joy and a little patheticness towards the Once Marque. 
Right Of Passage 2: When seeing your role model aka LAURA OSNES in Cinderella, only a few weeks after the final debut... you must dash out the door after curtain call bringing an unsuspecting man with you as you get yourself attached to his camera case...
Right Of Passage 3: Get hit on by a mysterious man as he asks if you AND your friend would gladly like to partake in being his girlfriend. FINALLY SOMEONE IS TRYING TO SNATCH ME UP. 
Right Of Passage 4: You say no to this offer for you and your friends safety and state of mind.
Right Of Passage 5: You find a bookstore full of plays, feel like Belle, and it is forever your favorite place in NYC.
Right Of Passage 6: You can hardly talk but you manage to smile AND get a smile back from the guy who plays Prince Charming in Cinderella.
Now that is a good first parents free, NYC trip. Can't wait for round two.

My birthday month.... holla! This birthday takes the cake so far, my twenty-first has A LOT to live up to. 
1. I did my first sophomore hearing, and while not passing... I learned a little more about me, about my style of acting, and about my professors... and it honestly made me fall more in love with theatre. 
2. Ummm my favorite thing in the whole world, okay no not Jesus so that was a bit of an over exaggerated statement... but one of my favorite characters TARZAN came to live in my school's professional production of it and let me tell you... I still think of that play often. 
3. My friends threw me a surprise party, only something I have wanted since I was old enough to comprehend the concept of a Birthday party!!! I feel so genuinely blessed, encouraged, and thankful I can say my friends are my friends and their influence on my life. 
4. I finally talked to that guy I had wanted to talk to for years now, and what resulted? MARRIAGE. hahah totally kidding, no time for that. We did share a hug and he turned back and smiled before leaving... so it was cute. 
I said goodbye to dorm life once and for all, and boy has it been heavenly. Good bye random, no good roommates. Third wheel conversations and overly dramatic conversations that I try to give good advice to while wondering why you come to me for guy advice when I am so being chased by the boys. 

Started yet another summer of beach tagging. This summer was special though, I made some of the most important friends of my life this summer. More importantly, I made my "tagger bff," I also brought two people together. Let's all face it... Disney says it right: True Love Conquers All.

It was a great month, a month of firsts. Most importantly, I finally found roommates I clicked with. I say roommates, because when I did previously live with my best friend... it was just her and it was wonderful. But since then it was like a roommate nightmare, but now I can say I am incredibly blessed daily by my roommates. 

Spending time with my beautiful, amazing Grandma was the best blessing any month could bring. It was nice to sit down, talk boys, and laugh it up. If there is one person I look up to it's my Grandma. She is the strongest woman I know, with the largest heart of gold. She is always seeing the best in people, seeing the beauty in the world, and then making the world a more beautiful place. I hope to be half the person she is and to make a difference in the biggest of ways through the smallest of things. I love her so much. 

I spent Christmas on the Carnival Fantasy, two stops in the Bahamas, plenty of virgin strawberry daiquiris, and lots of family time. I may be a thousand times heavier, but man was this a trip to remember. 
Here is to 2014.... let's make it a good one.

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  1. NYC? Jealous. My best friend is moving close to there in March for college and I really want to sneak in her suitcase and go too! It's my dream. The thought of living so close to broadway and just experiencing New York is insanely exciting to me. I know it's cliched, but it's true. Sounds like a good year here's to hoping for an even better 2014 :)

    1. NYC is so amazing! The thought of living there warms my heart!

  2. Your year looks so fun! I'd say it was pretty good!!

    1. It was very great!! I hope as was yours!


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