December 29, 2013


I am so sorry I haven't been updating, it's been a crazy time with my family, on a cruise, and just enjoying the holiday! I will update more about the cruise soon... :) Hope everyone had a splendid Christmas!!

December 10, 2013


There I was... sitting in the computer lab completely done with studying and I came across The Blogmopolitan Quiz. As an avid reader of Cosmopolitan, you didn't have to ask me twice to participate!

Don't you ever wish you were a celebrity for a day and got to fill out these all day... that people actually wanted to know your likes and dislikes hahah. I remember being obsessed with Hilary Duff, Emily Browning, etc and wanting to know all I could about them. 

>>>Do your own quiz, it's loads of fun.

December 9, 2013


Sorry it's been so long since I've posted... with finals, meetings, life decisions, and final goodbyes... life is crazayyyy. 

But never fear, her is an update on my crazy life because I know you're sitting on the edge of your seat to know ;) 

•I got a new coat and I am in love with it! Francesscas is the place to go for coats. Plus I don't know December, Christmas time, cold weather, and a cute coat always makes me feel like I'm in a cute romantic comedy everyday. Too bad I'm missing the whole romance part.
Everyone is getting together, getting engaged, or pregnant. I used to think statements as these were from the overly dramatic. But as you get in your twenties... It's so true! Now I posted about this once, and I still feel that way. Right now is not the time, but seeing everything fly so fast past you makes you wonder if something's wrong or if you're behind. You sing yourself to sleep with the very song will my prince come? And you yourself have no answer for that question. 
•My future is looking brighter than I had imagined! I had a meeting with the theatre department chair and it really consoled my fears of having the wrong dream. 
•I am beyond thankful for the amazing people that have been put into my life for seasons or as a regular. I have been looking back to my freshman year, and man was I blessed with some amazing people in my life. 
•Well that is all for now. 

December 3, 2013


Let us all take a moment and rejoice that we can now openly scream IT'S CHRISTMAS, blast christmas music to our hearts content, and order all the peppermint mochas we want and not be judged... well more than usual for your coffee obsession. 

It's December!!
 photo Excited-Amy-Adams-In-Cute-Dress-Reaction-Gif.gif

But I have to say being twenty, living in my families house but with roommates, and having no clue what I want for a Christmas list... I have new Christmas reflections... or better yet Life reflections.

1. We aren't really having an "at home Christmas" (which means no Day after Christmas sales... which surprisingly really depresses me.) But this year my family is going on a cruise to the Bahamas.

2. Well since we are going to the Bahamas... my family decided a Christmas tree wasn't necessary. 

 photo tumblr_inline_mx2an6UgFL1r34oha.gif
3. Now onto to your Christmas List... when you're: twenty, single, a wannabe disney princess... well what could you ask for. 

Option One: 
"Hey mom can you make me Laura Osnes for Christmas?"
 photo tumblr_mr7zudDXI91rsgtpqo4_250.gif
Option Two: 
"Hey mom can you do the impossible and make that guy be into me..."
 photo tumblr_mn08dojs5U1r7ksqyo1_500-1.gif
Option Three: 
"Can I have a King Charles Cavalier Puppy named Jacey?"
They say two is better than one.... how about five?

Option Four: (the realistic route)
"Can I have these character shoes... they're practical."

Basically... what you really want for Christmas... you can't ask for. So here are to all those wishes we want and can't tell Santa. But God's timing is perfect and beyond what we can imagine... easier quoted and then lived through. But I shall try... :)

**Random Side Note***

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December 2, 2013


Let's start of the first Monday in December right.... with some inspiration.

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