November 10, 2013


...These are a few of my favorite things.

I am so incredibly blessed day to day by my amazing best friend, Abigail. The amount of time she puts up with my hectic, overly dramatic worries and stories through text and in person. It's a pretty crazy story how we met we had always had classes together and in high school we both were cast as Cheerleaders in our school's production of High School Musical. We did a kids camp where we got assigned to a kid and she ended up with my sister... the next year my sister found out I had a class with her and made me give her notes and drawings haha. And through that we kept talking and became best friends, who knew my little sister would lead me to my best friend? But really isn't a favorite thing to be able to have such a bond in your life as best friends!? Amazing! 
I can't even begin to explain just how much Theatre has meant to me, it has helped me grow into the person I am today. It has helped grow my relationship with God, it has introduced me to life-long friendships, and it has provided a passion that I just can't give up on. It was the one place where my dramatic tendencies actually helped me succeed. Not to mention theatre provides amazinggggg music and amazing nights out. So many of the most memorable nights of college and high school were theatre related. (Like the night I met the AMAZING Laura Osnes!) 

PLUS you get to go around singing songs like

I love the fact that there are rainbows at the end of storms, because it is a reminder that in life.... a rainbow will eventually come. I can think of all the different things I once had thought were doors closing, dreams being crashed, etc... that turned out to be protecting me, opening me up for something better, or just makes a story that much better. I can't wait for the storms and rainbows of my life, that make my story my story.
It took me a while to be thankful for Roomies haha. The last two... were not exactly ideal. But these roomies, I can not thank God enough for! They are kind, loving, and put up with me... so you know they're saints haha. We always have a great time, and can go to each other for anything. I am thankful to call them my friends not only roomies.
My grandma refuses to pose for photos, she is such a funny thing. In the summer I always have lunches with her on my days off... that is if I am not at a friends house but I make sure I can at least once a week. It is such a special time laughing about life, telling stories, and getting her Godly wisdom. I can not explain how much she has influenced me and made me the woman I am today. I know I can always call her when stressed, she is praying for me, and no matter what I will always have her by my side as my biggest fan. The other day I called her stressed about school and theatre and she told me, "Well since you were a little girl I knew you were going to make it so how about that? Wait til I see you on broadway." And when I was worried about my own abilities she reminded me quickly, "You don't have much faith do you?" It isn't about me, God will open the doors he wants opened. See, I told you she is a wise woman. :) 
Growing up I never realized just how much I am like my mother, how crazy awesome my little sister is, or the Godly man my Dad is. I am thankful I am realizing when I am, my crazy family is one of my favorite parts about my life. They are always supporting me and my wild dreams from being a cheerleader, to dancing (SO GLAD THEY INTRODUCED ME TO THAT), to playing basketball, to playing soccer (that lasted a day... literally a day haha), and of course supporting me in theatre. It was my mother who told my dad I needed to go for my dreams. I am thankful for the idea of family, the actuality of family, and though when I say this I mean my actual family.... that family can mean anything. Those who support you, love you, those you can come to. Family is so powerful, no matter the kind. 
Seriously... how cute is my family!?!?

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  1. great pics.. good things to be thankful for

  2. your family looks pretty great! all your photos made me smile. especially the lunch with grandma one. xoxo

    1. You're so sweet! Love seeing your photos!!


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