November 22, 2013


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the cutest baby shower for my great friend's baby Emmalyn. It's super cute, Emmalyn's parents have such a cute love story. 
They met in high school and for years she loved him, he never really seeing her as an option. I remember the sleepovers of her wanting him and loving who he was as a person. Finally in college the summer before sophomore year they finally dated. We all were so ecstatic! About time he realized the right girl was always in front of him. Now they are married and on their way to having an adorable bundle of joy for us all to enjoy.
Anyway it was a beautiful shower...
Me and Abbie were pretty glad to
shop for our first Babyshower! Auntie
Brookie and Abbie have a ring to it!

How adorable are these cupcakes!?
A baby carriage!! LOVE this idea.
So cute!
Well that's it for an update now. xoxo

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