November 1, 2013


It's November and I thought what better way to really kick off this month then to have another embarrassing tale of me and my track record of talking to boys. So if you think you're bad in the whole boy department... I will make you feel better. I will make you feel EVEN better with this and this.

Number One
Okay... so my freshman year I was in our student center and I was walking to the door to leave and head to acting class not paying attention. I ended up almost running into a guy from the acting class I was heading into who had happened to get to the door and almost collide with the guy walking into the student center who is no other than the guy I have hit with volleyballs, tripped in front of, and oh so much more. I swear he follows me... anyway, so there are the three of us. We have the guy holding the door (Volleyball guy), the guy from my class, and me... so I am waiting for the guy in my class to go through the door as volleyball guy is so clearly holding the door and I am staring at Volleyball guy.... an awkward twenty seconds (not even exaggerating) go by and me and volleyball guy are staring at each other when my brain finally turns on. The other guy is waiting for me to go first... so I wake up from my embarrassing daze and say sorry and rush out. Luckily the guys weren't like why are you so stupid. And volleyball guy laughed, smiled, and said I was fine.

Number Two
So this was spring semester of my sophomore year after a long grueling night of auditions and callbacks. I just had one of the funniest callbacks of my life, me trying to do classical ballet after years of not doing it... hahahah. I mean I pulled through and did the best but it was rough. Like 13 year old Brooke would have been so much better. So I am walking with my now Roomie and we are laughing about how bad that callback went for us when somehow we get blocked in the hallway by two guys talking about their callback and we are trying to find a way to get around them. Finally there is a window of opportunity and me and my friend rush quickly past them... when somehow we end up almost in the midst of their hug. We are about to be smushed together somehow ended up being hugged by two not random but basically random guys in the theatre hallway... when my friend proceeds to make the oddest face and weirdest noise. There is no way I could write it out.. but I oh so wish I could. We were never awkwardly almost hugged by them in a sandwich again.... hahaha. 

Number Three
I am rushing to get to my bible class and decide to take the shortcut and take a different hallway which just so happens to be the hallway where al the events happen. Well today there are girl scouts selling cookies, and somehow I end up next to Volleyball guy and what happens? I am in such a rush to dodge and duck I end up smacking a poor little girl scout with my messenger bag. I about cried... my bag was HUGE and HEAVY and I just smacked a poor innocent girl in the face... infront of the guy I always somehow hit. My life.....

Number Four
The problem with me is my imagination often goes wild with crazy scenarios and somehow they end up happening right before my eyes. One day I am standing in line waiting to buy a water bottle thinking how funny would it be if I had happened to accidentally drop my water bottle and meet a nice guy and we end up married. You know... how evidently my mind thought it always works out. Well right after that I somehow I lose the water bottle... it goes flying... and hits a random guy. It didn't end with him bringing it up to me and us getting married obviously. It ended with me bright red, screaming I am so sorry and running to grab the water bottle and hiding in embarrassment. That is me.

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