November 5, 2013


15 Random Things I Have Learned:
  1. Cherish the times you have with your family, one day you will wake up on a Saturday morning and they won't be there to watch cartoons or make you muffins randomly. You will miss those moments...
  2. Although the fear causes panic attacks... if the fear wasn't there in the first place chances are that isn't the dream you should really be going after.
  3. God has a way of protecting you with what seems so major and horrible at the moment. He was just saving you for something better, cliche' but oh so true.
  4. Journaling does miracles. It also improves your memory.
  5. November and Thanksgiving isn't the only time to be thankful of think of the good in your life, because it's ALWAYS there.
  6. Life's too short not to live by the A Cinderella Story motto "Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game."
  7. The deep gut feelings are usually right.
  8. Never be ashamed of your conscience, thank God he gave you one.
  9. There is simply beauty in something as simple as a smile between acquaintances.
  10. It's okay if you can't swim, ride a bike, or have never carved a pumpkin.... you can still enjoy life. Trust me... I know ;) 
  11. Expose yourself to as much as possible: classic books, theatre, movies, and yes even sports. 
  12. Take the time to build up those around you.
  13. Trust in your talent, who you are, and who God made you to be. Other opinions don't matter, if God wants you there... He will make it happen. 
  14. Hug your Grandma and call her all the time, she could end up your best friend.
  15. Your story is beautiful, anything can come out of it. 

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  1. What a beautiful post!! I love #3!! <3

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  2. Great post.. some great lessons learnt

  3. These are some beautiful things to have learnt! :-)

  4. All these are beautiful lessons to have learned over the years and so, so true. I especially love number 4,7 and 12!


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