October 23, 2013

The Hardest Word In The English Language...

I can't begin to understand how much that word hearts. It's like even my hometown gets it, as soon as the goodbye was made real it's been bitterly cold and a bland color... no light anywhere. 

This weekend my darling friend Stacey came into town from working at my fa
vorite place in the WHOLE world... (well next to NYC) Disney World! It was a glorious trip, she came in on Wednesday and left Monday. It was so great to finally catch up on life, show her one of my favorite coffee spots, and finally enjoy seeing a show together again... as it seems to be a tradition for us.

How BEAUTIFUL is my friend!?

We spent the weekend eating plenty of Olive Garden... where the waiter proceeded to totally hit on Stacey. Talking about her beautiful smile and always commenting "me too" when she stated something was her favorite, I can hear the wedding bells chime. But besides the food and coffee, and believe there was plenty of it we spent our time seeing two shows. Les Miz and Bonnie and Clyde.  It was my second time seeing Les Miz and it was even more amazing the second time, seriously the amount of talent my friends have and those I seriously look up to is astonishing. I learn something new each time I watch them doing their craft.

My best friend also did my makeup over the weekend, she is a pro at makeup and she seriously should make a job out of it. I always used to state she would live in my basement and make me pretty 247 for my hubby once I got married haha. But anyway she did my makeup, inspired the one and only Laura Osnes. She was supposed to do it on sunday when I went to Les Miz, but she forgot she had to work so I was on my own with that one and kept annoying poor Stacey with countless questions of ARE YOU SURE I DIDNT LOOK LIKE I DID MY MAKEUP IN THE DARK!? ITS NOT AS GOOD AS ABBIE'S, IS IT OKAY!? She had every right to punch me... I would have.

Abbie did an amazing job right!?

On saturday we joined my wonderful family and their college friends for Homecoming. This is my favorite fall semester activity out of them all, it consists of a day with my family and seeing my sister be the little kid I often miss her be. As well as that, I got to share the whole day with a new special friend Angelica, a five year old who is the craziest little girl I know! We became fast friends as soon as princesses were mentioned!

On sunday, me and Stacey's final day together we met up with a good friend Lauren to go see Les Miz. Were I of course bothered both Stacey and Lauren time after time asking if I looked horrible. It was the first time I tried to use concelear by myself for the first time which consisted of me staring at the mirror for twenty minutes working up the courage to try that oh and me trying to put on blush. It was a funny experience!

 As I said goodbye to Stacey that monday, I had to hold back tears. I cried more yesterday than monday. I also had been crying that whole day. I really hate goodbyes... the unknown it's not for me. But I was given a little present and a reminder of God that he is ever faithful, wise, and has our best interest in our minds. He will bring you friends when you need them, and he also knows Stacey is a friend for life. He will bring you opportunities that will help you glorify Him. He will bring me an amazing man when the time is right, he will lead me to that goofy prince one day. 

I am beyond thankful for the amazing time with my best friend. God's blessing are so amazing daily! 

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  1. It looks like you had a great time with your friend Stacey. Can't wait to hear if she ends up marrying that waiter :)


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