October 30, 2013


As I sat waiting for my french class today, I wandered over to a favorite blog. I was completely inspired to participate in the "Someday I Will...." this is by far my favorite link up I have ever seen so far and so fitting to be my first link up I participate in. 

  • Make a smile come across my mother and father's face as I can finally say I am a college graduate. It may be many years down the road, but it will happen and I will make them so proud.
  • Be someones best friend, support system, and loving wife, Lord willing.
  • I will be in a mainstage production of the very college that sparked my curiosity of theatre as a little girl. 
  • Audition for Papermill Playhouse, one of my main goals. 
  • Have that special someone I can sing out to my favorite showtunes with and there is no judgment at all. 
  • Actually sit down and write the play I have had in my mind since freshman year of college.
  • Get better at this whole blogging thing, so many thoughts I can never process into words...
  • Be someone you can look up to, someone who shines the Lord in all she does. 
  • Be the kind of person kids can come to about anything and I can give them wise advice while loving who they are as a person. I can think of the emotional rocks I had in my life, and I hope to return the favor one day. 

The list could go on and on but I won't do that, I probably have already bored you. :) 

Well, What will you do someday? 

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  1. It is such an amazing feeling to say you are a college grad! STICK WITH IT, girl! It's hard but so worth it!!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement girl!

  2. What great goals, dear girl! :-)

  3. YOU go girl!! Also, very cool you take french. I did for 4 years. Such a beautiful language. My main goal is to be a mom one day. :)

    1. It is absolutely beautiful! I love the language... learning it.. I wish was a little easier haha. I hope to be a mom one day as well, such a great goal! :)


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