October 1, 2013

Just another weekend

  • This weekend consisted of finding cups me and Abbie had once bought and trying them out again. 
  • I was introduced to the world of 30 Rock.... and I am never going back.
  • I ordered new makeup, and I am pretty excited!
  • We had a home-movies movie night which consisted of little movies my other housemate Leah made, they were as adorable as she is herself!
  • I bought new princess cups, it's my biggest contribution to the house haha. 
  • I currently downloaded a new game on my iphone via Leah... and I am obsessed. It's a stupid build a high school empire game and it is taking over my life.
  • I am currently on the quest to find the perfect play that has a feminine, naive, girly character with a worthy monologue for my sophomore hearing coming up! So stress is my middle name right now. 
  • I hate the ios7 update... 
  • I am obsessed with tea ever since the theatre department tea party I can't stop devouring it. (Have you tried the Vanilla Carmel Truffle you can get at any grocery store... AMAZING.)
  • This week is a short week because tomorrow I head off to FALL BREAK in North Carolina, which I am madly in love with... I can see myself ending up there after graduation for a while. 
  • I look forward to the tights, scarfs, dresses, and boots combo... bring on fall. 

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