October 31, 2013


I am horrible when it comes to halloween, I seriously just can't.... the moment halloween is mentioned creativity leaves my head. So in order for a good laugh I thought I would post some past costumes and then just some past photos of my dressed up in costumes... period. NOT EVEN FOR HALLOWEEN. So enjoy....
Little Brooke as Dorothy.... STILL a favorite movie and role after
all this time. 
See what I mean... such a horrible "Alice In Wonderland" ahhah
There I am as a nun...
Colonial outfit...
Let's take a minute to realize this exists...
This Halloween.... 
Bonus Round:  

That's right once upon a time I had crazy teased hair and was a hag....

Happy Halloween. 

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  1. Ahahaha! That feather/bell bottom ensemble is magic. PURE, unadulterated MAGIC. Please tell me it's hung somewhere in your home. ;)

    1. ahahahahh! RIGHT. I can't believe that outfit exists!


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