October 31, 2013


I am horrible when it comes to halloween, I seriously just can't.... the moment halloween is mentioned creativity leaves my head. So in order for a good laugh I thought I would post some past costumes and then just some past photos of my dressed up in costumes... period. NOT EVEN FOR HALLOWEEN. So enjoy....
Little Brooke as Dorothy.... STILL a favorite movie and role after
all this time. 
See what I mean... such a horrible "Alice In Wonderland" ahhah
There I am as a nun...
Colonial outfit...
Let's take a minute to realize this exists...
This Halloween.... 
Bonus Round:  

That's right once upon a time I had crazy teased hair and was a hag....

Happy Halloween. 

October 30, 2013


As I sat waiting for my french class today, I wandered over to a favorite blog. I was completely inspired to participate in the "Someday I Will...." this is by far my favorite link up I have ever seen so far and so fitting to be my first link up I participate in. 

  • Make a smile come across my mother and father's face as I can finally say I am a college graduate. It may be many years down the road, but it will happen and I will make them so proud.
  • Be someones best friend, support system, and loving wife, Lord willing.
  • I will be in a mainstage production of the very college that sparked my curiosity of theatre as a little girl. 
  • Audition for Papermill Playhouse, one of my main goals. 
  • Have that special someone I can sing out to my favorite showtunes with and there is no judgment at all. 
  • Actually sit down and write the play I have had in my mind since freshman year of college.
  • Get better at this whole blogging thing, so many thoughts I can never process into words...
  • Be someone you can look up to, someone who shines the Lord in all she does. 
  • Be the kind of person kids can come to about anything and I can give them wise advice while loving who they are as a person. I can think of the emotional rocks I had in my life, and I hope to return the favor one day. 

The list could go on and on but I won't do that, I probably have already bored you. :) 

Well, What will you do someday? 

October 27, 2013


These are a few of my favorite things....

I know it has been a completely long time since I last did a sunday favorites post! And I am terribly sorry for that!

For this week music was a great highlight to this week. No matter what is going on in my life there is always a song to bring out the joy in a mundane day. Now excuse me as a lot of my tastes come back to theatre, and showtunes are kind of my weakness....

1. Time Stops, Big Fish.
While on search for shows to see over SPRING BREAK. (I can NOT wait to be back in NYC) I found this song and completely fell in love. I love the idea that you can notice someone and it is like your whole life has changed, and that is the beginning of a life long story. 

2. When I Was Your Man (Cover), Aaron Tveit
Cue all the fangirling, yeah I found this kind of by accident and immediately homework didn't seem so bad. It for me personally trumps Bruno Mars. 
3. Come Fly With Me, Frank Sinatra
So my roomate wakes up to this song every morning and I have to be completely honest... I LOVE IT. Frank Sinatra was a huge part of my life growing up, as a kid I would fall asleep to my Dad playing Frank's biggest hits throughout the house. And since we're living in their house and it feels odd not seeing my family as much but living in the house I grew up in, it's nice to have that little reminder.

4. Ten Minutes Ago, Cinderella
Cinderella is honestly a huge part of my life, and I am not even exaggerating. I still cry whenever it is just me listening to the soundtrack, my poor friend Stacey came into town and she put me in charge of music. It usually consisted of me getting teary eyed as we listened to the orchestra numbers as soon as it got dark. There is something purely magical about the storyline and the music itself. I wake up to Ten Minutes Ago, so this is in honor of every new day God gives me to make a difference. For each day he sends blessings, and hopefully can use me to bless others. 
5. Something To Believe In, Newsies
I am going to be honest there is one line in here, well two actually that make me listen to this over and over again. Don't get me wrong I love the whole entire song and when I first heard it my immediate reaction was to tell a friend about it. But there is just something about the lines: "And if you're gone tomorrow, what was ours still will be." "If things we're different. What? If you weren't going to Santa Fe..." I don't know, it just makes you feel for them you know. They're powerful lyrics. I also have been listening to this song at least once a day since last sunday haha. 

As you can guess I could sit here forever and add songs upon songs. I will stop here though haha before I go crazy and bore everyone with millions of showtunes. But these are the top five right now that have helped me get through my week or are just an average, great part of it. 

6. BONUS: Fly, Fly Away
Okay, this is one of my all time favorite songs. I am even in the process of currently trying to learn it so I can go around singing it properly everywhere I go. (Instead of belting it out when no one is at home.) Absolutely LOVE this song!

Have a great week lovelies. xoxo

October 26, 2013


I can't believe it is finally fall and it is finally starting to feel like it. Bring out the pumpkin everything, the shining candles, good friends, and fall memories. And my absolute favorite... dressing up! How blessed are we!?

Today absolutely stinks. It consists of me and a ton of homework and catching up... and not in sleep like how I wanted. The only thing getting me through this is the Spiced Pumpkin candle... and some Aaron Tveit in graceland.... 

This morning I finally tried to put a center piece on the our table. Also, my absolute favorite mug... I literally flipped out and almost ran around my campus bookstore cheering when I found it. 

First Halloween party of the season: Kermit the frog, Miss Piggy, and their precious child. :) 
I came home to this ADORABLE laptop sticker, if you know me well you know that I absolutely love Peter Pan and Wendy. My mother is the sweetest for sending me this, also I feel the need to use my laptop at any moment I can. So that will sky rocket my blogging for sure.
I can't get enough of the beauty God's creation is. 

October 23, 2013


As I sit in the cold house contemplating making coffee and bringing out the comfy sweatshirt... I can't help but think of blessings and the beauty that is the fall. It is pretty much the only thing keeping me going as I sit in this dark house waiting for the roomies, belting out Beauty and The Beast, while doing homework that consists of writing about Coach, Inc for a stock market project and learning the word to family members in french. Ahh homework, gotta love it. 

Basically I sit here typing and looking through photos I can't help but think one thing. God gives us such beautiful backdrops for us to live our the stories he creates for us. I have always loved the ups and downs of my life and the crazy coincidences because they sound like a musical plot and it makes me think I am living out the next hit musical haha. I can't help but think of how something things feel empty without some friends by your side all the time, without seeing that one person you seemed to always run into in the weirdest ways and now life seems more boring, and some dreams that you learn have to be put on hold. A line from Tarzan comes to mind, "With every ending comes a new beginning." Well, here is to the new beginnings that will one day start, here is to the unknown. I can't wait to see what God has planned for me and the beautiful backdrops he will continue to provide for the story to be told against. Let's tell one amazing story. 

The Hardest Word In The English Language...

I can't begin to understand how much that word hearts. It's like even my hometown gets it, as soon as the goodbye was made real it's been bitterly cold and a bland color... no light anywhere. 

This weekend my darling friend Stacey came into town from working at my fa
vorite place in the WHOLE world... (well next to NYC) Disney World! It was a glorious trip, she came in on Wednesday and left Monday. It was so great to finally catch up on life, show her one of my favorite coffee spots, and finally enjoy seeing a show together again... as it seems to be a tradition for us.

How BEAUTIFUL is my friend!?

We spent the weekend eating plenty of Olive Garden... where the waiter proceeded to totally hit on Stacey. Talking about her beautiful smile and always commenting "me too" when she stated something was her favorite, I can hear the wedding bells chime. But besides the food and coffee, and believe there was plenty of it we spent our time seeing two shows. Les Miz and Bonnie and Clyde.  It was my second time seeing Les Miz and it was even more amazing the second time, seriously the amount of talent my friends have and those I seriously look up to is astonishing. I learn something new each time I watch them doing their craft.

My best friend also did my makeup over the weekend, she is a pro at makeup and she seriously should make a job out of it. I always used to state she would live in my basement and make me pretty 247 for my hubby once I got married haha. But anyway she did my makeup, inspired the one and only Laura Osnes. She was supposed to do it on sunday when I went to Les Miz, but she forgot she had to work so I was on my own with that one and kept annoying poor Stacey with countless questions of ARE YOU SURE I DIDNT LOOK LIKE I DID MY MAKEUP IN THE DARK!? ITS NOT AS GOOD AS ABBIE'S, IS IT OKAY!? She had every right to punch me... I would have.

Abbie did an amazing job right!?

On saturday we joined my wonderful family and their college friends for Homecoming. This is my favorite fall semester activity out of them all, it consists of a day with my family and seeing my sister be the little kid I often miss her be. As well as that, I got to share the whole day with a new special friend Angelica, a five year old who is the craziest little girl I know! We became fast friends as soon as princesses were mentioned!

On sunday, me and Stacey's final day together we met up with a good friend Lauren to go see Les Miz. Were I of course bothered both Stacey and Lauren time after time asking if I looked horrible. It was the first time I tried to use concelear by myself for the first time which consisted of me staring at the mirror for twenty minutes working up the courage to try that oh and me trying to put on blush. It was a funny experience!

 As I said goodbye to Stacey that monday, I had to hold back tears. I cried more yesterday than monday. I also had been crying that whole day. I really hate goodbyes... the unknown it's not for me. But I was given a little present and a reminder of God that he is ever faithful, wise, and has our best interest in our minds. He will bring you friends when you need them, and he also knows Stacey is a friend for life. He will bring you opportunities that will help you glorify Him. He will bring me an amazing man when the time is right, he will lead me to that goofy prince one day. 

I am beyond thankful for the amazing time with my best friend. God's blessing are so amazing daily! 

October 3, 2013

Just me, myself, and I... And that's okay

It seems like everytime I turn around I'm finding a new blog about a cute married couple, scrolling Facebook and seeing newly engaged couples, and walking down the street to be fully surrounded by happy couples. I tend to think... Am I missing something!? But lately, I honestly can say I am not.

I'm content. I'm happy. I'm right where I need to be. 

My goal is to act. To share a story and change a life and to provoke thought. I can't explain it but I know it's my passion. I would rather put all my effort and focus on succeeding in the world of theatre then finding a man and getting engaged. And I just don't think I could have someone and actively pursue theatre in the way I want to right now. It will come one day... But for now I'm going to focus on me and my dreams. And one day when it's right... He will come into my life when we're both ready. But for now, here's to me and my growth in theatre. Here's to a whirlwind that is ahead. 

October 1, 2013

Just another weekend

  • This weekend consisted of finding cups me and Abbie had once bought and trying them out again. 
  • I was introduced to the world of 30 Rock.... and I am never going back.
  • I ordered new makeup, and I am pretty excited!
  • We had a home-movies movie night which consisted of little movies my other housemate Leah made, they were as adorable as she is herself!
  • I bought new princess cups, it's my biggest contribution to the house haha. 
  • I currently downloaded a new game on my iphone via Leah... and I am obsessed. It's a stupid build a high school empire game and it is taking over my life.
  • I am currently on the quest to find the perfect play that has a feminine, naive, girly character with a worthy monologue for my sophomore hearing coming up! So stress is my middle name right now. 
  • I hate the ios7 update... 
  • I am obsessed with tea ever since the theatre department tea party I can't stop devouring it. (Have you tried the Vanilla Carmel Truffle you can get at any grocery store... AMAZING.)
  • This week is a short week because tomorrow I head off to FALL BREAK in North Carolina, which I am madly in love with... I can see myself ending up there after graduation for a while. 
  • I look forward to the tights, scarfs, dresses, and boots combo... bring on fall. 

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