September 10, 2013

Who Says Mondays Have To Be Boring?

Never fear I am here to entertain you. I had a pretty average monday for me but looking back it is pretty amazing to think I didn't just fall asleep in my history class and snore loudly as we watched a movie. Now that would have been exciting. But it all started with my best friend, A, doing my makeup. she is a natural at makeup and can make anyone beautiful, so if you remember my whole long explanation on how I like not to be stroke inducing... she helps with that. Well as she was trying to do my eye makeup I came to the revelation that I have a lazy eye... but not in the way you expect. Lazy eye typically means "an eye disorder characterized by an impaired vision in an eye that otherwise appears normal." and in my case.... well my eye is literally lazy. It just can't stay open they just want to close all the time. 
Well then I went to school and some how my eyes stayed open... I had a french test. It was pretty hilarious because you know that one girl in class that is overly and dramatically letting it be known that she is so nervous and overwhelmed about the test and oral section. That when she is done with the test and waiting to be called up for the oral part she is literally fanning herself with hand and about to cry. i was that girl. And to answer your question, no that wasn't an over exaggeration of me in class. Needless to say as a congratulations you answered what your name is in french in front of the six people left and for the congrats you finished your bibliography paper present I went to the grocery store and bought a box of choco tacos... (if a boy ever wants to win my heart that is the way.
That wasn't the most exciting part of the day though, oh no. The most exciting was when me and A had a all out battle with a stink bug that attacked the dining room chandelier. It was an all out brawl that included her on a chair franticly spraying Raid and I screamed til the thing died. That lasted about fifteen minutes....

How about you, what was your monday like? 

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