September 22, 2013

We can't all be Martha Stewart

Now I know my way around the kitchen, and by that I mean I know exactly where the food I bought is.. especially the ice cream. But I am trying to get better, earn those "wifey points" if you will. Though I do make amazing meals such as tortellini and parmesan bread. But other than that.. I am pretty clueless. So when our theatre department decided it was time to host an all girls Tea and Breakfast at Tiffany's party I decided to become domestic... after hours and hours of searching (and for once I am not exaggerating... literally hours) I decided on Salted Caramel Strawberries. What can I say we need to start in little doses.
Meanwhile my roomie made raspberry scones, so we know who I need to learn from....

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  1. hahahahhahahah that title. We can't all be martha stewart. SO true. Best thing i've seen all day!

  2. I just laughed at this when I saw it! I hate those days!


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