September 18, 2013

Three girls, one car, and a whole lot of showtunes

Let it be known that I, Brooke Broomell, drove a car last night and I am still alive.
For all my lovely readers, it is true I only have a permit and have very limited driving experience. And in an effort to fix that, my lovely housemates took me driving (don't worry they're 21 and over and it's all legal) and I am not writing this post in heaven... so it is true.... I survived. 

I also ended up in the cutest neighborhood and as I was turning the wheel to turn into the street... I accidentally honked and woke up the poor, cute street. Oops. Only me right?

I also ended up in a random driveway I thought was a street and they had a creepy doll on their porch.

I also learned I have great reflex and can correct my mistakes almost instantly. (Found that out the hard way. I now know the breaks sure work on my friends car) 

I also am a cul-de-sac wizard. So at least I have that going for me if theatre never works out....

Moving On.....
Today we tried to put air in Leah's tires. I have pictures to prove that girls can in fact be useful when cars come in factor.... that is after a nice man helps us haha.

As you can see I was so
useful... hahaha

Well that was my past night and the start of today. xoxo

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  1. Oh my gosh. I only have my permit too. I've had my permit for four years hahahaha. I thought I was the only girl my age who never went and got her license.


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