September 30, 2013

Facebook Woes

Yes it's time for yet again another embarrassing installment of I am Brooke and yes, this is sadly real life. And this is why I can't talk to boys and why I am single.

As I was getting bored between the monotonous French homework and 30 rock mini marathons, I decided to check out cosmopolitan online.... why I have no clue haha. And I ran across this fun article which is the inspiration for this second post and my first confession. 

Number One
Now I hope you clicked that wonderful seventeen magazine and as you read it, I pray you identified and said a silent amen as you went down the list of crazy facebook stalking truths. Well as I read that I remembered two different stories about how facebook helped embarrass me while maintaining that desire of being noticed. Now to truly understand me you have to realize I stink at touch screen phones. I love to just scroll up and down on my phone and not even pay attention or look at it, and because of that minor detail I often end up on facebook doing something stupid. Well one day thanks to my newsfeed I accidentally had added this guys Dad on facebook. To make matters even more awkward: he had accepted (which most likely means conversations of Who is this Brooke chick?) and it was the father of the boy that had once liked me and decided the prettier chick was just a better fit for him. Well, I am sure I made him realize his decision was even better when I accidentally added his Dad on facebook... talk about being a creeper.

Number Two
Well in addition to my facebook friending father fiasco... I also once made the mistake of a lifetime. I once added about.... 25 different guys ALL with the same first name. Now how did I manage this? One day being the tech savy Brooke I am... I decided to look at someones profile. (Don't lie we have ALL done it!) And well when I clicked his nime it wouldn't go to it... so naturally because I am stupid I KEPT clicking it. Turns out.... my facebook screen had froze and decided to add every guy that I wasn't friends with that had his same first name. I got many random fb messages from the guys things included: Stalking lately huh ;), So uh how do I know you?, and Hey there ;) 


Number Three
Let's take a break from the social media embarrassment and enter real life. This isn't as embarrassing as just plain sad... because I can not talk to boys. Exhibit A, there is a cute boy in a hallway who sees me and calmly says hey with a bright, beautiful smile on his face. Now I get confused because boys don't just say hey to me... I am me. So what do I do? I give him a confused, you smell like bad cheese look and.... walk away. Yup. You read that right, I walked away. And the winner for stupidest girl around boys goes to me! 

These kinds of stories are normal right? Certainly I can't be the only girl with no luck when it comes to boys...

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  1. you are so adorable haha. I'm glad I'm not the only girl who is hopeless when it comes to guys. Believe me I've had my fair share of embarrassing moments.

    1. I literally should not be able to talk to boys haha


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