September 5, 2013

A Week Done (Almost)

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Here are a few spotlights of my week so far.

1. New Friends. As you know thanks to a previous post, I went speed dating about a week ago and well... I got contacted by one of the guys I met. Yes the one obsessed with my face in fact. Which I have to say if flattering (and creepy) but no one is ever so openly obsessed with my face. Does that mean that there are plenty of guys secretly obsessed with my face? hahah kidding... But that's not the best part of this little budding friendship. Aside from being creepishly (yes I am making that into a word) obsessed with my face he also sends me good morning texts. With a pick up line... 
Your parents must have been bakers. because they made you a sweetie pie.

In the words of one of my favorite musicals, Parade... "go on. go on. go on. go on. I guess you weren't really listening when I said no."

2. Catch Up Lunches. These are my favorite kind of lunches in the world! The kinds where you sit with a good friend and talk about how God is influencing your life. It gives you the encouragement and inspiration to look toward the future. It gets me excited to see what God has in store for my friends and my life as well. We have a God who is capable of amazing things, and uses people like you and me everyday. I love thinking of what He can accomplish with each of us if he open our hearts to Him!

3. New Tunes. I recently have been taking full advantage of the fact I now have a working computer with sound. HOLLA! So I have been blasting all these showtunes via spotify (ok... seriously how did I not use this for two years of my college career so far... homework goes by so fast!) But thanks to spotify I am listening to whole entire cast recording of the plays I have only heard one song from. So I have two new favorite shows that I think are A+ worthy! Pipe Dream and Sunset Boulevard. I suggest checking these shows out! The music is beautiful to each one!

4. Emotional Breakdowns. I am a girl... what do you expect? This week has been filled with my fair share of emotional breakdowns. Crying over the fact that seeing a good friend is now being postponed for a good three months. Then I don't know sometimes you have to cry because your sick, your looking at your theatre department page and it is just so inspiring, and there is it 3 o'clock yet?

5. Public Embarrassment. As if tears aren't embarrassing enough... sometimes you have to say enough is enough I am who I am and I am proud of it. And sometimes you have a subtle dance party to pop music in your seat in the clab. Why!? BECAUSE IT IS ALMOST FRIDAY. PRAISE GOD.

6. ONE WEEK MORE. Now the dance party is over and I am wallowing in self pity as I hear Empty Chairs At Empty Tables. You see a week from tomorrow is opening night of Alluvion's Les Miserables. And I am beyond excited hearing the familiar amazing voices of those I had passed in the hallway sing beloved classics such us On My Own, A Heart Full of Love, and my favorite... One Day More. Bring on the tears, the emotions, and the little excited yelps I keep saying inside my head. BRING IT ON!

Hope your week was fabulous and friday is the icing on the cake.

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