September 30, 2013

Facebook Woes

Yes it's time for yet again another embarrassing installment of I am Brooke and yes, this is sadly real life. And this is why I can't talk to boys and why I am single.

As I was getting bored between the monotonous French homework and 30 rock mini marathons, I decided to check out cosmopolitan online.... why I have no clue haha. And I ran across this fun article which is the inspiration for this second post and my first confession. 

Number One
Now I hope you clicked that wonderful seventeen magazine and as you read it, I pray you identified and said a silent amen as you went down the list of crazy facebook stalking truths. Well as I read that I remembered two different stories about how facebook helped embarrass me while maintaining that desire of being noticed. Now to truly understand me you have to realize I stink at touch screen phones. I love to just scroll up and down on my phone and not even pay attention or look at it, and because of that minor detail I often end up on facebook doing something stupid. Well one day thanks to my newsfeed I accidentally had added this guys Dad on facebook. To make matters even more awkward: he had accepted (which most likely means conversations of Who is this Brooke chick?) and it was the father of the boy that had once liked me and decided the prettier chick was just a better fit for him. Well, I am sure I made him realize his decision was even better when I accidentally added his Dad on facebook... talk about being a creeper.

Number Two
Well in addition to my facebook friending father fiasco... I also once made the mistake of a lifetime. I once added about.... 25 different guys ALL with the same first name. Now how did I manage this? One day being the tech savy Brooke I am... I decided to look at someones profile. (Don't lie we have ALL done it!) And well when I clicked his nime it wouldn't go to it... so naturally because I am stupid I KEPT clicking it. Turns out.... my facebook screen had froze and decided to add every guy that I wasn't friends with that had his same first name. I got many random fb messages from the guys things included: Stalking lately huh ;), So uh how do I know you?, and Hey there ;) 


Number Three
Let's take a break from the social media embarrassment and enter real life. This isn't as embarrassing as just plain sad... because I can not talk to boys. Exhibit A, there is a cute boy in a hallway who sees me and calmly says hey with a bright, beautiful smile on his face. Now I get confused because boys don't just say hey to me... I am me. So what do I do? I give him a confused, you smell like bad cheese look and.... walk away. Yup. You read that right, I walked away. And the winner for stupidest girl around boys goes to me! 

These kinds of stories are normal right? Certainly I can't be the only girl with no luck when it comes to boys...

September 22, 2013

We can't all be Martha Stewart

Now I know my way around the kitchen, and by that I mean I know exactly where the food I bought is.. especially the ice cream. But I am trying to get better, earn those "wifey points" if you will. Though I do make amazing meals such as tortellini and parmesan bread. But other than that.. I am pretty clueless. So when our theatre department decided it was time to host an all girls Tea and Breakfast at Tiffany's party I decided to become domestic... after hours and hours of searching (and for once I am not exaggerating... literally hours) I decided on Salted Caramel Strawberries. What can I say we need to start in little doses.
Meanwhile my roomie made raspberry scones, so we know who I need to learn from....

September 18, 2013

Three girls, one car, and a whole lot of showtunes

Let it be known that I, Brooke Broomell, drove a car last night and I am still alive.
For all my lovely readers, it is true I only have a permit and have very limited driving experience. And in an effort to fix that, my lovely housemates took me driving (don't worry they're 21 and over and it's all legal) and I am not writing this post in heaven... so it is true.... I survived. 

I also ended up in the cutest neighborhood and as I was turning the wheel to turn into the street... I accidentally honked and woke up the poor, cute street. Oops. Only me right?

I also ended up in a random driveway I thought was a street and they had a creepy doll on their porch.

I also learned I have great reflex and can correct my mistakes almost instantly. (Found that out the hard way. I now know the breaks sure work on my friends car) 

I also am a cul-de-sac wizard. So at least I have that going for me if theatre never works out....

Moving On.....
Today we tried to put air in Leah's tires. I have pictures to prove that girls can in fact be useful when cars come in factor.... that is after a nice man helps us haha.

As you can see I was so
useful... hahaha

Well that was my past night and the start of today. xoxo

September 17, 2013

How To Talk To Boys Or Get Their Attention

Because never having a boyfriend makes me an expert. 

I thought what better way to embarrass myself out of the pure need for entertainment then talk about how I can not talk to boys. So I shall post about my failed attempts to try to talk to a guy and other times where I just make a fool of myself in front of guys. So if you think you're bad in the whole boy department... I will make you feel better.

Number One
Now let me set the stage... we are at a play. I see a cute guy and I decide it's time it's time to really go for it. So what did I do!? After my friend said hey you did a great job I made a rainbow shape with my ring finger as I proudly proclaimed YEAH! It's true. This is all true.... what miraculous, clever idea did my brain come with... I said yeah. (My brain does this often... just wait) He just stared at me. Needless to say, we obviously never really became friends.

Number Two
It is once again freshman year, this was a good year for me (clearly.) I am at a volleyball tournament and this guy happens to be there, this guy I literally see everywhere. Now I joked in my head like I could hit him in the head with a volleyball.... and decided that is pathetic and I will not stoop to such things. Well as I went to hit a volleyball, it went straight for his head and hit him. Needless to say I am still mortified and am most likely blushing as I write this, I mean I HIT HIM IN THE HEAD. Luckily there was no like damage done, except for my emotional turmoil. 

Number Three
So here we are it's the same night about a hour and a half later, I decided I have embarrassed myself enough. But my legs had decided that I needed one more embarrassing moment to take the cake of embarrassing moments. To this day nothing has beat this.. I am a walking embarrassment and klutz. I decided that since I had to walk to my friends anyway and the guy who is attractive happened to be standing right along the path to them, I could walk so gracefully he would have no choice to notice me and we could become friends. WELL GUESS WHAT... HE DID. But it was not because I am a graceful swan lake type as I walk, it's because I somehow tripped on air/leg spasmed and almost landed into his arms but somehow got my balance and found my grip right before that. Yeah he laughed, I turned into a tomato and barely got out the words "sorry," Though I don't know why I was apologizing... I am so lovely. 

Number Four
We are walking out of the disney store and just roaming when who do I see coming towards us? Volleyball let me hit you and trip infront of you boy. (Who might I add is also let me accidentally slap you in the face with doors, literally run into you about five different times, and much more) well there he is. So I decided I am about to make a fool of myself so I need to leave stat. But my friend, oh my friend who has no boundaries decides I need to up the anti on how awkward our run ins can be. As he passes us she yells out YOU GO TO LIBERTY. He turns... as he has a creeped out look on his face. She runs towards him and proceeds to mention how she saw him in a hallway once... 

September 12, 2013

Faustus, The Musical

guys. guys. guys. check this out!

The lovely Laura Osnes singing....

have a wonderful day xoxo

September 10, 2013

Who Says Mondays Have To Be Boring?

Never fear I am here to entertain you. I had a pretty average monday for me but looking back it is pretty amazing to think I didn't just fall asleep in my history class and snore loudly as we watched a movie. Now that would have been exciting. But it all started with my best friend, A, doing my makeup. she is a natural at makeup and can make anyone beautiful, so if you remember my whole long explanation on how I like not to be stroke inducing... she helps with that. Well as she was trying to do my eye makeup I came to the revelation that I have a lazy eye... but not in the way you expect. Lazy eye typically means "an eye disorder characterized by an impaired vision in an eye that otherwise appears normal." and in my case.... well my eye is literally lazy. It just can't stay open they just want to close all the time. 
Well then I went to school and some how my eyes stayed open... I had a french test. It was pretty hilarious because you know that one girl in class that is overly and dramatically letting it be known that she is so nervous and overwhelmed about the test and oral section. That when she is done with the test and waiting to be called up for the oral part she is literally fanning herself with hand and about to cry. i was that girl. And to answer your question, no that wasn't an over exaggeration of me in class. Needless to say as a congratulations you answered what your name is in french in front of the six people left and for the congrats you finished your bibliography paper present I went to the grocery store and bought a box of choco tacos... (if a boy ever wants to win my heart that is the way.
That wasn't the most exciting part of the day though, oh no. The most exciting was when me and A had a all out battle with a stink bug that attacked the dining room chandelier. It was an all out brawl that included her on a chair franticly spraying Raid and I screamed til the thing died. That lasted about fifteen minutes....

How about you, what was your monday like? 

September 8, 2013

Sunday Favorites

These are a few of my favorite things...
Welcome to another insight of the mind and favorites of me.

1. Time with family. This is one of my absolutely favorite things. I didn't realize how much I miss it until I moved into my house with my friends and realized that this house isn't my home with my family. (While it is a different family... but that's for another day. I am just so thankful for the time I do have for them! For instance... taking my mom to see Les Mis friday is going to be a blast! I am blessed to have a mother I can talk to about boy issues, my life, and come to her for any kind of advice. I hope I am half the mother my mom is. 
2. Curling my hair, makeup, and a smile. I am such a huge fan of curling my hair! I just hate the mundaneness of straight hair when you naturally feel like you should have curly hair haha. Anyway yesterday I curled my hair just for fun. I wasn't even going anyway... well originally... but it is such a confidence booster! 
3. Music. I am a HUGE fan of music! And lately there have been some songs that I love to listen to that get me in the mood to face anything! So I thought I would share a few of my songs I have recently been blasting as I get ready day to day! And some other songs that I just really love!

  • Jump Right In- Zac Brown Band 
  • Acapella- Karmin
  • We Can't Stop- Miley Cyrus (yes.. yes... I admit it.)
  • Thats My Kind Of Night- Luke Bryan
  • Holy Ground- Taylor Swift
  • Son Of Man- Tarzan Broadway Original Cast (yes... yes... I even went there. For those of you who haven't picked it up yet... I LOVE Tarzan)
4. Fresca. It's just my favorite drink. Give me a fresca and a hug and you've made my day.
5. CANDLES. I feel the need for a disclaimer as my housemate asked why in the world I was posting a bottle of wine. And well it isn't... it's a candle lol. I just love candles and am beyond excited to have a house for the first time since college. What does it mean? Candles... preferably from Bath and Body Works all over the house!! 

September 7, 2013

Getting Acquainted.

If you haven't noticed I changed the name of my blog.
Why is it called LookBrooke you ask? Well because much like Lookbook... this blog is a look into my life, my style, and occasionally my outfits... so welcome to my blog. My little corner of the internet... a look into the life of Brooke. :) 

I have had this blog for a while and I realized... OH MY GOODNESS. Do you really, really know me? And as I was searching through blogs to find ones to keep up with. (Prepare for a post with some blogs that I am just currently obsessed with... they are too good, too creative, and too mood uplifting to ignore!) I found plenty of Q and A's and I thought how perfect! I can answer and a few premade questions! And thanks to time running short and loads of homework and such... I only chose three. 

Let's get started!

1. What's something you love about yourself?
I think this is just the sweetest question. We all should focus on something we like about ourselves! Well while it can get me in some sticky situations it's something I have had people tell me they really admire. I love the fact that I can easily see the good in people. It makes life more magical, and people more enjoyable. I like having that positivity in all situations (well for the most part... we all know I love to be a worry wart.) it just makes things easier.... well for the most part.

2. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Ummmmm.... blogging. But that is pretty obvious isn't it.
I really love playing Sing It: Family Hits. Lately....
go on judge me. 
But in all seriously I LOVE so many things! I enjoy reading, journaling, watching movies... the norm.

3. Tell us something we don't know about you.
I played basketball for a year. Super crazy... I mean me. I know you think I am lying... I am also pretty crazy and insane about blankets. I love to be cozy and snuggle with a blanket... pretty much anywhere.

Welp... that's me. Now you know a little more about Brooke.

-xoxo, Brooklyn

September 5, 2013

A Week Done (Almost)

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Here are a few spotlights of my week so far.

1. New Friends. As you know thanks to a previous post, I went speed dating about a week ago and well... I got contacted by one of the guys I met. Yes the one obsessed with my face in fact. Which I have to say if flattering (and creepy) but no one is ever so openly obsessed with my face. Does that mean that there are plenty of guys secretly obsessed with my face? hahah kidding... But that's not the best part of this little budding friendship. Aside from being creepishly (yes I am making that into a word) obsessed with my face he also sends me good morning texts. With a pick up line... 
Your parents must have been bakers. because they made you a sweetie pie.

In the words of one of my favorite musicals, Parade... "go on. go on. go on. go on. I guess you weren't really listening when I said no."

2. Catch Up Lunches. These are my favorite kind of lunches in the world! The kinds where you sit with a good friend and talk about how God is influencing your life. It gives you the encouragement and inspiration to look toward the future. It gets me excited to see what God has in store for my friends and my life as well. We have a God who is capable of amazing things, and uses people like you and me everyday. I love thinking of what He can accomplish with each of us if he open our hearts to Him!

3. New Tunes. I recently have been taking full advantage of the fact I now have a working computer with sound. HOLLA! So I have been blasting all these showtunes via spotify (ok... seriously how did I not use this for two years of my college career so far... homework goes by so fast!) But thanks to spotify I am listening to whole entire cast recording of the plays I have only heard one song from. So I have two new favorite shows that I think are A+ worthy! Pipe Dream and Sunset Boulevard. I suggest checking these shows out! The music is beautiful to each one!

4. Emotional Breakdowns. I am a girl... what do you expect? This week has been filled with my fair share of emotional breakdowns. Crying over the fact that seeing a good friend is now being postponed for a good three months. Then I don't know sometimes you have to cry because your sick, your looking at your theatre department page and it is just so inspiring, and there is it 3 o'clock yet?

5. Public Embarrassment. As if tears aren't embarrassing enough... sometimes you have to say enough is enough I am who I am and I am proud of it. And sometimes you have a subtle dance party to pop music in your seat in the clab. Why!? BECAUSE IT IS ALMOST FRIDAY. PRAISE GOD.

6. ONE WEEK MORE. Now the dance party is over and I am wallowing in self pity as I hear Empty Chairs At Empty Tables. You see a week from tomorrow is opening night of Alluvion's Les Miserables. And I am beyond excited hearing the familiar amazing voices of those I had passed in the hallway sing beloved classics such us On My Own, A Heart Full of Love, and my favorite... One Day More. Bring on the tears, the emotions, and the little excited yelps I keep saying inside my head. BRING IT ON!

Hope your week was fabulous and friday is the icing on the cake.

Beauty and Grace.

You are altogether beautiful, my darling;
    there is no flaw in you. -Song of Songs 4:7

How amazing is it that the creator of the universe thinks that about us!? There are so many days when I struggle with feeling invisible but the fact is, in God's eyes we are all beautiful. He made us in his image, and with the amazing beauty in nature... how in the world could it be that he would make humans... those made to worship him and glorify him... make us hideous? Impossible.

September 4, 2013

I Actually Look Put Together

You know it's an amazing day when you are actually wearing a cute outfit and look presentable... especially lately. So I just had to share.

  1. Charlotte Russe Bracelets (I only used the two out of the bunch.) But I love this group of bracelets! You can mix and match and where them with almost anything!
   2. Francessca Peplum Top (Unfortunately not sold online... but they have other cute things!)
   3. Francessca Statement Necklace (Unfortunately not sold online... but they have other cute things!)
   4. American Eagle Jeans (These are some of my favorite jeans!)

September 3, 2013

Confessions of a College Drama Queen

See what I did there... does anyone remember Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen? Cuz I do. 

Well anyway to my confession...
This morning I was that girl. We all have times in our life when we have to be that girl, the girl that is in the public restroom finishing her makeup. Yep that girl. Running super behind schedule we practically ran out of the door with mouths still full of toothpaste. Most importantly YES WE BRUSHED OUR TEETH. If all else failed, at least I had that going for me. Now I had put on foundation before we left and decided I would just finish the rest in the bathroom of school near the student center. As we entered the building and I removed my bug eyed sun glasses, I am not making this up, a guy saw my face and almost had a stroke. Talk about embarrassing?! Perhaps I did look sick with only foundation on and nothing else... either way... I know I am not super attractive or model status but I like to think I am not stroke inducing.
As I entered the bathroom and rushed to get out my eye shadow, mascara, and eye primer. The vicious looks from girls around me were enough to induce a stroke in me. Girls we all do this! It's not like I pulled out my makeup in chickfila... it's a bathroom! So as I was literally being watched I finished everything but mascara at this point I was gonna punch a girl or go mascara-less. So I composed myself and left... to go to another bathroom further down. To my surprise, and what a glorious surprise some other random girl was doing her mascara in the mirror. She can't judge me! So we both with a mutual understanding finished our makeup and are now ready to take on the day.

Have you ever had a day where makeup just isn't working for you? What a struggle it is somedays to get ready...

September 2, 2013

Sunday Favorites (ON A MONDAY)

I apologize for being so behind on everything! I hate that this is the first Sunday Favorites in HOW long!?! And it's not even on a Sunday... but a monday. Again, I apologize... things have been crazy!

  1. I seriously love the beach... but what is better than the beach!? Photoshoots with your friends at the beach. I have plenty of photos I haven't even posted yet. These are my favorite because they always show personalities and even if the photos come out horrible you have new memories together. Like getting attacked by waves and screaming your head off. 
  2. My mother is the BEST.  I woke up one day to a surprise shipment placed on the bench outside of my new home and inside was a new Lilly Pulitzer Agenda (Click the link to get your own!) It is absolutely adorable, filled with two full sets of calendars, a horoscope page, a page that even tells the story of Lilly, and I am a sucker for stickers... AND THAT'S INCLUDED. It is my favorite planner of all time, which is saying a lot because I used one my senior year and I still keep it because I loved it THAT much. I highly recommend you get one!
  3. I forever will be a big necklace fan. I have always been a huge fan but have never actually gone out and bought necklaces. Now with my summer job and forever 21 right near where I stayed, I made a bit of a collection this summer. But yesterday I treated my self to Francesca's Collectibles Necklaces. Well worth the money and time weeding in and out of all the necklaces picking out the perfect pair. 
Well that's it for my favorites. Sorry there is only three... there is just so much to do! I took a break writing this post and did some homework.... I got a 20 out of 20 on my french homework. Needless to say, it is time to celebrate with something when I get home! 

See!? Francesca's necklaces are
to die for! *girly scream* Yeah
it's worth it.

Speed Dating

Speed Dating. Yes this is my most recent adventure, there is never a dull moment when you're college and need a break from studying. Most people maybe unwind with a nap, a movie, granted most college students probably party... but not me and my housemate... we speed date.
So I know what you're thinking... did you really have fun? And honestly, yes I did. Now no it wasn't really because the options of boys but granted I am sure they weren't happy with me either. In fact there was a time where no one came and sat with me and my friend. Legit our speed dating consisted of at least 20 minutes of the three hours where no one was sitting in front of us. Guess we scared the guys away? It's fun to say that I have experienced speed dating once though.
Sure nothing came of it, and honestly I am perfectly fine with that. It was a fun experience to say I had.
I thought I would conclude this post with a few observations and stories of my two second dates.

  • I met an Atlantic City lifeguard while at the event, he told me he hated it and didn't understand why I was so proud of my job. Awkward... he also couldn't see the fact that he never had seen me or knew me....
  • A guy brought out a ring and told me how he had it in his pocket to give to the perfect girl when he met her. I am slightly offended I was not given that said ring.... hahah.
  • I met a blogger! He was completely enamored with the fact that I blog just like him. He also is a theatre major and proceeded to say let's get married.... boys don't worry I am still single. 
  • I met my friends little brother which means eventually we will have to have that awkward conversation of... HEY I KNOW YOUR BROTHER! Where did you meet him? Oh... speed dating...
  • A guy waisted no time and asked my friend out, which I actually admired. About time guys man up and ask the girl out and don't stare at the girl the whole time. Just do something.

So do you have any crazy dating stories to share? Speed dating or not, it's always fun to share stories and compare how you handled the situations. Share them! 
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