August 26, 2013

The Dolphin Show...

When does the dolphin show start?
Can you make it sunnier?
I'm cold, want to fix that?
I bet you go on dates with all the lifeguards?
Do you meet boys this way?
Do you have YOUR beach tag?
Are you a lifeguard?

Oh how I miss the daily plethora of questions heading my way, and yes what time is the dolphin show is the most commonly asked question. It's been a daily challenge, getting used to being back in the setting of text books, quick lunches, and most importantly... mountains. I would much rather have the salty air, the scenery of ocean, and most importantly... no homework.

I also have a dress code.... so I miss being able to see my knees. Seriously going for soffe shorts to jeans is not ideal. The good news is that I now live off campus (woo hoo) so it means no weird tuesday curfew at 10 pm. It also means I live with two of the best girls ever, Leah and Abigail. We took a trip to NC (because it's so easy to do without checking out now!!) this weekend and I had my first experience with OBX (post to come).

Well it's time for me to actually get to work. I hope your monday is filled with happiness. xoxo

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