August 27, 2013

OBX, North Carolina

The housemates and I decided to take a trip for the weekend to Leah's house in North Carolina. It was the first time I have ever been to the Outer Banks, and the second time I have been to a beach that wasn't in New Jersey. The first time since I started working for Brigantine. It is such a beautiful place filled with wonder, ocean breeze, and plenty and plenty of sand. Sand in itself is a wonder, we have a love hate relationship. But it was nice to take a weekend off, for me to really finally say goodbye to the beach... though in all honesty (and I am a little biased...) Brigantine is a much better beach. 

August 26, 2013

According To My Iphone....

 Just snapshots of my life recently...

The Dolphin Show...

When does the dolphin show start?
Can you make it sunnier?
I'm cold, want to fix that?
I bet you go on dates with all the lifeguards?
Do you meet boys this way?
Do you have YOUR beach tag?
Are you a lifeguard?

Oh how I miss the daily plethora of questions heading my way, and yes what time is the dolphin show is the most commonly asked question. It's been a daily challenge, getting used to being back in the setting of text books, quick lunches, and most importantly... mountains. I would much rather have the salty air, the scenery of ocean, and most importantly... no homework.

I also have a dress code.... so I miss being able to see my knees. Seriously going for soffe shorts to jeans is not ideal. The good news is that I now live off campus (woo hoo) so it means no weird tuesday curfew at 10 pm. It also means I live with two of the best girls ever, Leah and Abigail. We took a trip to NC (because it's so easy to do without checking out now!!) this weekend and I had my first experience with OBX (post to come).

Well it's time for me to actually get to work. I hope your monday is filled with happiness. xoxo

August 22, 2013

Raspberry Yogurt Parfait

I know what you're all thinking... you haven't written in how long and that is the title you give me!? Food. Just hang on... because yes I love food and yes it's an appropriate title. 

Sorry I haven't written a post and am so behind on Sunday Favorites... that you all are in the fetal position wondering where in the world did I run off too! I am not dead... just busy with normal college student things. 

1. I started french this semester... so be prepared for many posts about me having no hair because I am pulling it out... (I am learning... I can say Barbara in french) 2. I said goodbye to my dear precious taggers and lifeguards which was one of the hardest things I have had to do in a while. (my lifeguards haha... I am not that cool. The lifeguards that I stand next to ever so often is more like it. And then those two lifeguards I actually text and have their number. Please don't think I am cool...) I am still weeping at times over it. 3. A cute boy called me like a week ago... that never happens so I thought we could all celebrate together. 4. I am currently in school, in fact as I write I am in my computer lab waiting for my creation studies class. 5. I moved off campus and am living with two of the sweetest, interesting, and fun loving girls I know. They are huge blessings and I can't wait to share our adventures as the semester progresses. 6. EXCITING NEWS. I am now in possession of a brand new macbook pro... holla. 7. Deux Mondes is french means Two Worlds... unknowingly a Tarzan reference. Made the class period.

Anyway... I thought I owed you a little update, before I actually update you. And now let's move on to the post...

This is for those social college boys who think talking to a girl is going to work by making her feel awkward, insult her, and then proceed to insult her family. Because we all know as girls, we go crazy for that. 
Yes, this is a true story...
Well yesterday before my French class I decided to grab a raspberry yogurt parfait (ah, now you get the title...) and there was an open couch so naturally I am like oh good let me sit there. Now note, I had headphones... and didn't look very friendly either. I walk over and there it starts: a boy who looks around my age is like yeah come over don't be shy... join the party. My first initial reaction was to run away and cry, I hate social meetings haha. But that's weird... so I turned up my music, gave a polite smile and fake giggle and sat down. He then proceeds to ask if I was a freshman... no I just happen to age better than you. That's rude... so I said no I am a junior... he then was like why are you so shy then. He proceeds to tell me how there is room next to him... okay wannabe pimp no thank you. After they annoyed me enough to find out my major and where I am from they proceed to ask me how in the world my parents could make a living while living here because there is nothing to do. Teaching wasn't satisfactory enough for them... I then found my escape said nice to meet you and darted onto class.

This boys, is not how you even make friends with a girl. This shouldn't be how you talk to anyone. I will never be eating yogurt on that couch again....

August 4, 2013

Positive Words

Today while scrolling down tumblr I saw this gem,
babies are being born today its someones birthday today it’s the best day of someones life today some one just had their first kiss someone is getting married today today is beautiful
and if you don’t think that is the coolest thing I don’t know what to tell you 
Is this not the most adorable thing!?

Today is beautiful.

What are your optimistic finds to keep going through the day? 

There is always something good that can come out of a day, even a simple truth or hello from your good friend. There is always a positive side. 
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