July 26, 2013

Totally Addicted

Bow Rehab.
I swear this place should exist, because Lord knows I need to go there asap. 
There is just something about a good bow, it's adds just enough girly touch to an outfit. And for me, the part of the paycheck I am not saving for money in the future is being spent of bows.

How many bow earrings do I own you ask? 6
How many hair things do you have with bows on it? (Not including hats) 9
Hats with bows on them? 2 (No clue why that number is so low...)

As you can tell, I have a small issue. But we all have those things that we love to stock up on that make all the difference in our outfits right? 

Tell me what your total addiction is! 

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