July 15, 2013

The Water's Rough

As I stared at the ocean today, the water was beautiful... Sparkling. It was extremely hot, so needless to say standing in the water was the only option this morning. As I stood there I would have this reoccurring fear as small waves came towards me crashing in front. I couldn't seem to get my head to wrap around the fact that while the wave was close, I never felt the crash... I only got the calm water that was after the fact. Because even as the wave crashed, eventually it would return into calm water to be enjoyed. And even as it crashed on me, it barely was a threat.... It could be handled. This sparked a conversation with God in which he reminded me, Brooke life is just like the ocean. It's huge, scary, and there's unknown. But see the waves crashing? See the people having fun? That can be you, yes things will be hard.... But there's always going to be a calm after a storm. The lifeguards? It's the Bible, Me, and your prayer. We can help you through those moments of insecurities, doubts, and hardships. Turn to us, as people put their faith in lifeguards when it's time to swim in the ocean. 
For those of you who don't know, I can't swim and have a sometimes irrational fear of water. I immediately thought of the time last summer I went swimming (as much as I can) and a wave knocked me under. Sure I panicked, sure I probably cried. But I got back up obviously, and I don't even think I got out of the water after that happen. So why don't I do that about life and the doubts that fill my mind. God is my identity and my lifeguard, and he's yours too. No matter how rough life may get, he's on the stand looking out for you. 

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