July 29, 2013

That Thing Called A Vacation... A daycation?

Saturday I took my personal day and I headed to Wildwood with my family.
What a tiring day and it didn't even start til 5... and that was just dinner reservations! 
We ate at the cutest restaurant by the harbor. I got the
friend seafood platter like the true fatty I am ;) It was
delish, featuring scallops, flounder, and my personal
favorite... crabcake. Not to mention you also got
two sides... I swear this was like Brookie's Paradise,
there was no way I could finish it all.
They also had strawberry daiquiris (don't
worry mine was virgin) but let's just say
I need to go back!
Well then we hit the boardwalk, which is one of my favorite places. As explained in a previous Sunday Favorites post (sorry there was none for last week! Don't worry though, next sunday will be a good edition!) I love boardwalks, mostly because of the piers. Well this one has three, plus two water parks... which aren't as appealing but still worth noting. We had a fun night of rollercoasters, log rides (which featured a cute Under The Boardwalk segment of cartoon teenagers having fun and messing around), and then the ferris wheel my favorite and most hated ride of all time. Heights are not my thing!
Absolutely soaked after experiencing the crazy log flume. Yes I was the girl that
embarrassingly screamed bloody murder until I realized random strangers
were enjoying our pain and we were getting none of their pitty!

The view from the ferris wheel was breath taking as well as the gorgeous sky, God paints beautiful backdrops
for our life don't you think!?

Well that was my weekend, an exciting trip to Wildwood enjoying rides and the simplicities of God's amazing masterpieces. What a lovely world we live in.  

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