July 7, 2013

Sunday Favorites

these are a few of my favorite things. 

Each Sunday I will get together a little list of some of my favorite things and share them with my followers and viewers! 

1. Wawa Coffee. For those of you who have never ever tasted wawa coffee, or anything wawa for that matter, I am greatly sorry. Not to sound like a girl obsessed with food, which let's face it as time will tell I am. I just honestly love wawa coffee! Mocha mint is (in my opinion) the best. Though I am sure other coffee products will be featured in upcoming Sunday Favorites, Wawa is my top favorite. 

2. Hawaiian Tropic. Ever since I can remember I have never been a suncreen person. Now before you angrily get out your pitchforks and storm your way over to my house calm down, take a deep breath, and hear me out. I wear sunscreen, always have always will. Granted on somedays I do not wear enough, but I wear sunscreen. I just have not been one to enjoy the act of putting on suncreen, the feeling, and even the smell usually. Those of you know my job requires plenty and plenty of sunscreen and this year I finally splurged and bought that ten dollar bottle of sunscreen and let me tell you... best decision I have ever made. I love it! It's smooth and doesn't have that thick cottage cheese like texture when you first start rubbing it in which most of the common brands have, I have borrowed enough sunscreen from lifeguards to tell you. If you're like me and sunscreen just is not your thing I advise you to give Hawaiin Tropic and a chance... before you scream out of frustration and vow never to go outside again all summer.

3. Time At The Beach. I will be 100% honest growing up I hated the beach. Yes I know with my Dad being a lifeguard and even me working on the beach now... how is that even possible!? Well when you can't swim, are afraid of the water, and hate sand.... the beach seems like a punishment more than fun. But lately ever since I started my job actually, I have enjoyed the beach. The quiet noise of the waves, the friendly feeling in the air, not to mention to cute surroundings (don't act like you don't check out what's around you). If I have had a horrible day at work or just need some friend time, after work I head back out onto the crazy beach... head to Sea Side and hangout with some of my favorite friends. 

4. Very Sexy by Victoria Secret. This is my absolute favorite perfume and coming from me that says a lot. I love perfume! When I want a pick me up when I don't feel that pretty in my outfit but I need to go now... I spray this and I am ready to go! Not to mention the amount of boys who have said I smell good... it's a winner in their book too.

5. Michael Kors. With my first paycheck of the summer I bought myself a congratulations gift for surviving the first three weeks of the summer, which are always the hardest. Getting back into the swing of things can be rough for anyone. So why not let Michael Kors be a pick me up!?

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