July 9, 2013

Kill Them With Kindness

In all honesty I would have to say my favorite part of my job is the light I can bring on to someones day. Now this light can be very limited, seeing as I am probably the last person any person on the beach wants to see. Between the accidental timing of inconveniently asking someone for their tags as they are just about to sit down and enjoy the book they have been anxious to read or for those who dread to see me because they know you are asking for something they are not something they will buy. The amount of people who fake like they're asleep, curse you out, or blatantly scream at the sight of you and sprint (yes sprint) to the water (this actually happened the other day to one of my coworkers) is insane. But I like to have a positive attitude and a happy spirit when I do ask for the tags. And sometimes the change on the peoples faces when they realize you aren't cruel and heartless, is well heart warming.
The feeling you get saying thank you and have a great day to someone who stopped what they're doing while sometimes holding a crying child to show you tags, is magical. The look of gratitude (usually) on their faces is reward enough. I have actually had some very nice conversations with people on the beach while working, and have even been encouraged by them or on extremely lucky days... I get the chance to encourage someone.

One of my coworkers on her first year got the chance to pray with a lady that was extremely heart broken over her current life.

A lady once asked about my major and then proceeded to encourage me and tell me to follow my dreams, and that it was in no place her right to discourage me.

I love being able to be some sort of light to someones day, even in a simple hello how are you today. I let people know that I genuinely mean it.

What if we all tried to genuinely mean hello how are you and i hope you have a great day?
What would the world look like? 

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