July 28, 2013


So I was jamming out to this song during the car ride home from work... Who Better Than Me (Reprise) ... yep, from The Tarzan Broadway Cast Recording. Geek moment... but in all honesty and Tarzan obsession aside I love this song for so many reasons. It has an amazing beat that automatically puts me in a great mood but it also has a cute message in my opinion. 
The reason I love this song? Well it reminds me of all the crazy, kind, and sometimes embarrassing (going to the grave) things my friends have done for me. One friend in particular... poor girl stays with me as a cling to overly dramatic made up crazy scenarios as to why I will be forever alone. Example A: I'm pretty sure a guy once asked about me because he thinks I am so ugly he wants to start a petition to get me banned from my college and the city in which we both reside..... makes sense right? 

When I think of all the times they have done something embarrassing (both voluntarily on their own... or with a push) well I get embarrassed for them because it's most likely because of me.. But that's what friends do right!? We stick up for each other, make fools of ourselves together, and we try our hardest to make their dreams come true?

I mean my dearest friend once went through websites after websites to find affordable ticket prices my parents would agree on so my dream of seeing Laura Osnes (and poor girl had to literally run after me to keep up as I ran to the stage door to meet Laura as well). Talk about a good friend, among the other things she's done... some of which for reasons we can not post on social media haha. Too embarrassing for both of us!!

But basically this long, sappy post is to say thank you to all those friends that push me to talk to the guy I like, that endure hours upon hours of me belting showtunes, and that I can proudly call my friend. Thank you.

It also is to prove just how awesome Tarzan is..... Yep.

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