July 9, 2013

Celebrating Summer With The Little Things

It's been a wild couple of weeks (I know, I know I have been so bad about blogging recently, I am trying hard to keep it up... who knew summer with no school would be the time to not be able to blog) but anyway a few important events of the summer happened. As I listen to my country hits pandora radio station I know now that summer has really started, it seems I am a huge country fan... but only in the summer. It was good to get started into the routine of summer again, waking up early to get to work... applying all the sunscreen -- it seems like all I do is apply and reapply sunscreen! I have been catching up on my reading (what a nice feeling) I have wanted to read A Doll House by Ibsen for a while now and finally was able to sit down, have the sand beneath my toes and finish a great story. (Loved every moment of the play by the way... highly recommend it!) I have been walking the beach singing my favorite princess tones... The Little Mermaid ;) I work along side with two other theatre majors (something about the beach just draws us theatre majors in evidently) and we are always talking and singing showtunes I love it! I also have had the time to appreciate God's amazing art work, commonly known as the sky! He makes such a beautiful backdrop for all our life stories! And of course, I am getting to spend time with my dog Theo who lives in Jersey!

Then my family came! Which meant mini family vacation filled with Atlantic City, Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, Godvilla chocolate, and my favorite past time... shopping! 
^^Though we fight almost instantly some days haha,
it was so good seeing my sister, I get homesick
^^ Such amazingly beautiful little chocolates^^

^^ how cute is this dress!? Naturally curled hair went with
the occasion of a new dress. Plus I am in love with
the necklace I am wearing^^

Then there was the fourth of july! Yes I did have to work, and it was
crazy! People everywhere, it was also the first time this summer I got yelled at! I almost cried haha. But it was also the first time that summer I saw some familiar faces from last summer, some that I have really missed. At the end of the day I headed to the cove to watch the fireworks with some great friends! It was by far one of my favorite fourth of julys! One I will cherish for the rest of my life! 

Then yesterday was the annual Lifeguard Races (my beach one) 

here's to great summers for all of us xoxo

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