June 4, 2013

Put A Smile on Your Face.

Here's to happiness. Fifteen things that bring joy to me.

1. Living out of my own room again, even if it won't last long.
2. My bow earrings.
3. That there is a God who knows every thing about me, even things I don't know about myself... that he cares enough to even know that information.
4. That he cares enough to know everything about you too.
5. For that summer my parents made me go to drama camp, hello passion.
6. When good friends names pop up on my iphone.
7. My schools Theatre Department, seeing the passion the professors and students have is humbling, inspirational, and uplifting.
8. Coffee. Coffee. Oh and coffee.
9.  My amazing friends. 
10. Journals to keep your inner most thoughts.
11. Iphones to capture everyday goodness.
12. Inside jokes between friends.
13. My Beauty and The Beast mug.
14. My "Wendy" dress.
15. My favorite lipstick. 


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