June 6, 2013

Au Revoir

May the best of all your wishes come to call, til the dawn au revoir. 

Today a heavy burden is placed onto my heart, tomorrow I will wake up like any other day. I will probably sleep in a little later than I should, pathetically grab my phone as I catch up on the few missing hours of all my social networks, then it will hit me. My best friend will not be available to call and ask to come over. Won't be around to share 8pm sonic milkshakes, bond over our love of diet soda, or just simply talk theatre. She won't be around to make me sick of hearing Next To Normal over and over all day long.... I bet I will even miss those showtunes playing all the time. 

Bring on the skype dates, long text messages, and phone calls. Bring on the summer of our dreams... chasing the impossible. 
                                                        I will miss my best friend. 

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