June 25, 2013

It's That Time Again...

As you know, I work in Jersey for the summer. It's great to pack up your favorite outfits, grab a good book, and hide yourself away from the every day mundane tasks of home. Don't get me wrong, there are days I wake up missing my friends, the rest of my family, and wondering what in the world am I going to do on my day off when all my friends up here are working. But all in all it's a nice break filled with good friends, plenty of sun, and the occasional good story.

 Interesting Story 1: Two days ago a man stopped me as I headed on the beach to ask me... me. To spray his back with sunscreen. This is my work... I don't know you why would I ever spray a random back with sunscreen. Welcome to my life.

Interesting Story 2: Our... third day of work? The fire alarm went off. THE FIRE ALARM WENT OFF. First time it ever went off in that building when we were there and we had no clue what to do. Imagine getting to work and bam your stuck outside, it's windy and gloomy... for the beach. 

Well that's it, sorry for the lack of quick updates and information... xoxo

June 6, 2013

Au Revoir

May the best of all your wishes come to call, til the dawn au revoir. 

Today a heavy burden is placed onto my heart, tomorrow I will wake up like any other day. I will probably sleep in a little later than I should, pathetically grab my phone as I catch up on the few missing hours of all my social networks, then it will hit me. My best friend will not be available to call and ask to come over. Won't be around to share 8pm sonic milkshakes, bond over our love of diet soda, or just simply talk theatre. She won't be around to make me sick of hearing Next To Normal over and over all day long.... I bet I will even miss those showtunes playing all the time. 

Bring on the skype dates, long text messages, and phone calls. Bring on the summer of our dreams... chasing the impossible. 
                                                        I will miss my best friend. 

June 5, 2013

According to My Iphone...

Just snapshots of my life lately...

June 4, 2013

Put A Smile on Your Face.

Here's to happiness. Fifteen things that bring joy to me.

1. Living out of my own room again, even if it won't last long.
2. My bow earrings.
3. That there is a God who knows every thing about me, even things I don't know about myself... that he cares enough to even know that information.
4. That he cares enough to know everything about you too.
5. For that summer my parents made me go to drama camp, hello passion.
6. When good friends names pop up on my iphone.
7. My schools Theatre Department, seeing the passion the professors and students have is humbling, inspirational, and uplifting.
8. Coffee. Coffee. Oh and coffee.
9.  My amazing friends. 
10. Journals to keep your inner most thoughts.
11. Iphones to capture everyday goodness.
12. Inside jokes between friends.
13. My Beauty and The Beast mug.
14. My "Wendy" dress.
15. My favorite lipstick. 


The Dreamy Giraffe

While reading a favorite blog I came across this gemI couldn't help but want to share. These two were my favorites, the cookie one is pretty self explanatory.

-- Brooklyn

June 2, 2013

Adventures In The City

It's been a good couple of months since my last New York City adventure and needless to say I am going through so many withdrawals. So to ease this need I thought I could blog about the most recent adventure....

Thank goodness for friends who help make dreams come true. The first night we got there was magical, aside from looking like a completely idiotic tourist. Imagine me, huge suitcase in hand getting stuck somehow on a pole. That was the gist of the lovely walk to the hotel. Icing on the cake? An adorable new yorker spying me... looking like an idiot. But the debacle was all forgotten when it was time to hit the city. 
Finally a slice of Roxy's cheesecake was right in front of me cheesecake will never taste the same. And a new dress in possession... a tight, blue dress and how did I know it was a winner? Random people came up to tell me how stunning I looked! Talk about an ego boost... 

Now to the main event... my second broadway show. This was a special one, thanks to a dear friend who much like the Fairy Godmother... wouldn't let dreams go to waste.  She found a discounted ticket when my parents originally turned down the idea of seeing another show... and oh my our seats! That wasn't the important part though, this show held a special place in my heart because of the lead. Laura Osnes is an amazing soul. She is not only an actress on broadway but she is a Christian who stays true to her morals, she is exactly the kind of person I hope to be one day. Now as if seeing her sing, dance, and act live wasn't a treat enough... thanks to my daring pushing skills (I also brought a man with me... seems my purse got connected to his camera bag and I hadn't notice... oops!) we ended up at the front of the line up for the stage door! Naturally I cried and couldn't speak... I think I managed a you we're amazing haha. But... here is the final result. Please excuse the horribleness of the photo. 

The rest of the trip included a walk through central park, tons of coffee, a trip to new Lily store on Madison Ave, and finally another dream granted... a visit to FAO.

Til next time NYC.
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