May 5, 2013

Sophomore Year Snapshots

Let's recap shall we?

Some of the best, challenging, and interesting moments of my sophomore year of college. (in no particular order)

I apologize for the amount of photos AND in two parts but it's been one wild ride so far.


Surprise Birthday Party with all my darling, dearest friends to show their love and support for me. A night full of Tarzan music, ballet dancing, murder in the dark, the cup game, catching up with old friends, and staying up til the wee hours of the morning performing for each other. It was a birthday that couldn't be more... me. 

2. Manhattan I've Prepared For You. Twice in one year!? I also can say, after going with two people that "are not city people." I am 100% a city person, I can not wait to be living there one day making the most of it. As it says... manhattan I've prepared for you.  

3. Auditions. I remember this day like it was yesterday. My first college theatre audition, I got a callback for Leaving Iowa... which I didn't know til the day of. I was so ecstatic when I received that phone call haha. I also can't believe the amount of support my friends showed me and especially on spring semesters which was only the best night of my life. Back to that soon...

4. That Time My Best Friend Was A Star. I will never forget opening night and just basically wanting to brag to everyone that my best friend was the pig, voice of the giant, and Cinderella's actual mother. Couldn't be more proud and I can't wait to see what God does with her insane talent in the future!

5. Coffee Dates. Rather it's with a good friend, a second date after a blind date, or some quiet time to you and your thoughts... coffee doesn't disappoint. Well maybe in the second reason, but that wasn't the coffees fault.

6. At Last I See The Light. I've not been one to lay in the grass and read but my goodness have I done it a lot this semester. As well I obviously read for my sophomore hearing and getting that done, even though I did not pass, it was a learning experience. Oddly enough as well as a confidence booster. I can do this!

7. ...I'm Way Behind In History... Now the a*teens may have wrote about trouble in History but they never took Donna Donald for History. Although that class kicked me in shape, I am glad I can say I somehow survived the dreaded class.

8. Scaremare. What is better than a bunch of theatre majors, a creepy house, and a pathway leading to the house full of clowns AND chainsaws. Nothing.

9. We'll Take A Cup Of Kindness Yet. Nothing better than spending a pre New Years Eve with your closest friends. Between the long God talks, the skits, food, and Moulin Rouge.... i don't think any other New Years Eve could top that ;)

10. FEELINGS. GUYS. GUYS. I got my first mainstage dance callback this semester for the amazing show Carousel. Such a blessing it was. It was beyond scary though, dancing with all these beautiful ballerinas... and then there was me haha. 

11. Throw Some Glitter. How many people can say they had a paint fight with their best friends while throwing glitter at each other. And making it look like your bleeding pink down your neck.... One of those memories you will just want to tell your kids right?

 12. Perks Of Having Friends That Work At Salons. Thank goodness for good friends that help you out of a jam when it comes to your hair. Carousel opening night (which was hard in itself) and here I felt super lame. But I didn't look it thanks to Lauren ;) 

12. Dream A Little Dream. Getting your headshots done is an amazing experience for many reasons. A) You feel beautiful. I mean your basically getting glamour shots but with your natural beauty. B) You totally feel like a model. C) It's a surreal moment, your getting headshots so that you can start using them for auditions and the real world. HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY!

13. MEETING LAURA OSNES. GUYS. GUYS. Not only did I get to see the AMAZING show Cinderella on broadway but after... I met Cinderella herself. I still can't believe I met my biggest inspiration! The picture in itself is horrible... considering I was crying haha.

14. Cheesecake. I finally had Roxy's cheesecake and can now never eat another single piece of cheesecake ever again.

15. Best Friends. I am so thankful for this girl and what she means to me. Her wisdom, support, and friendship is exactly what keeps me going at times.

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