March 29, 2013

The Night Is Bitter

"the stars have lost their glitter, the great beginning has seen the final ending..."

WOW! What a crazy intense time it's been... in short these years and especially this week has been about finding goals and dreams. I have always been the girl afraid of having a dream and this whole time it wasn't even what I wanted. Well I can gladly say that it won't be me. At the same time am I even sure I know what I want. This year has 
been about me finding out what I want to do with the rest of my life, and drum roll please... I have finally figured it out... acting. Now with all these discoveries there's another thing on my mind the other goals... the goals little girls have growing up after reading fairytale books. The I am going to grow up fall in love with this amazing idea of what my prince is going to look like and end up living happily ever after with millions kids. Okay haha maybe not that many but you know six year olds they have this idea of how everything will be when you're older. And now reality... reality sets in and my fairytale may be nothing like six year old me imagined. 

Not saying I can't have a man in my life, but that my focus has to be on acting and glorifying God through that. So here's to the future of Brooke and acting! 

Manhattan I've Prepared For You. 

-- Brooklyn

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