December 29, 2013


I am so sorry I haven't been updating, it's been a crazy time with my family, on a cruise, and just enjoying the holiday! I will update more about the cruise soon... :) Hope everyone had a splendid Christmas!!

December 10, 2013


There I was... sitting in the computer lab completely done with studying and I came across The Blogmopolitan Quiz. As an avid reader of Cosmopolitan, you didn't have to ask me twice to participate!

Don't you ever wish you were a celebrity for a day and got to fill out these all day... that people actually wanted to know your likes and dislikes hahah. I remember being obsessed with Hilary Duff, Emily Browning, etc and wanting to know all I could about them. 

>>>Do your own quiz, it's loads of fun.

December 9, 2013


Sorry it's been so long since I've posted... with finals, meetings, life decisions, and final goodbyes... life is crazayyyy. 

But never fear, her is an update on my crazy life because I know you're sitting on the edge of your seat to know ;) 

•I got a new coat and I am in love with it! Francesscas is the place to go for coats. Plus I don't know December, Christmas time, cold weather, and a cute coat always makes me feel like I'm in a cute romantic comedy everyday. Too bad I'm missing the whole romance part.
Everyone is getting together, getting engaged, or pregnant. I used to think statements as these were from the overly dramatic. But as you get in your twenties... It's so true! Now I posted about this once, and I still feel that way. Right now is not the time, but seeing everything fly so fast past you makes you wonder if something's wrong or if you're behind. You sing yourself to sleep with the very song will my prince come? And you yourself have no answer for that question. 
•My future is looking brighter than I had imagined! I had a meeting with the theatre department chair and it really consoled my fears of having the wrong dream. 
•I am beyond thankful for the amazing people that have been put into my life for seasons or as a regular. I have been looking back to my freshman year, and man was I blessed with some amazing people in my life. 
•Well that is all for now. 

December 3, 2013


Let us all take a moment and rejoice that we can now openly scream IT'S CHRISTMAS, blast christmas music to our hearts content, and order all the peppermint mochas we want and not be judged... well more than usual for your coffee obsession. 

It's December!!
 photo Excited-Amy-Adams-In-Cute-Dress-Reaction-Gif.gif

But I have to say being twenty, living in my families house but with roommates, and having no clue what I want for a Christmas list... I have new Christmas reflections... or better yet Life reflections.

1. We aren't really having an "at home Christmas" (which means no Day after Christmas sales... which surprisingly really depresses me.) But this year my family is going on a cruise to the Bahamas.

2. Well since we are going to the Bahamas... my family decided a Christmas tree wasn't necessary. 

 photo tumblr_inline_mx2an6UgFL1r34oha.gif
3. Now onto to your Christmas List... when you're: twenty, single, a wannabe disney princess... well what could you ask for. 

Option One: 
"Hey mom can you make me Laura Osnes for Christmas?"
 photo tumblr_mr7zudDXI91rsgtpqo4_250.gif
Option Two: 
"Hey mom can you do the impossible and make that guy be into me..."
 photo tumblr_mn08dojs5U1r7ksqyo1_500-1.gif
Option Three: 
"Can I have a King Charles Cavalier Puppy named Jacey?"
They say two is better than one.... how about five?

Option Four: (the realistic route)
"Can I have these character shoes... they're practical."

Basically... what you really want for Christmas... you can't ask for. So here are to all those wishes we want and can't tell Santa. But God's timing is perfect and beyond what we can imagine... easier quoted and then lived through. But I shall try... :)

**Random Side Note***

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December 2, 2013


Let's start of the first Monday in December right.... with some inspiration.

November 30, 2013


This break was much needed, much enjoyed, and I am so sad to see it go. 

If there is one lady I have the most respect,
wonder, love, and gratitude towards... it's my Grandma.
She is the strongest woman I know. I remember being a little
girl and waking up at the crack of dawn just to have a few hours
where it was just Grandma and me, she'd make a pretzel and sit
with me as we watched tv. She'd tell me stories and she
would always be doing her beloved crossword puzzles or reading
a book. I can't explain how much these memories mean to me
and the fact that we made new ones just a few days ago.
I love her to death, and I can not wait to see her next.
I don't know about you but I am pretty sure we have the
prettiest girls in my family ;)
I took my sister and cousin to see Frozen. But if we are gonna real and I will
be honest to blog.... they were more an excuse for me to see Frozen haha.
This pretty much sums of the trip. Between Wawa and Thanksgiving
dinner, I am a stuffed bird. I am probably bigger than our turkey. 

Thoughts and Gifs To Recap This Post And Break:

Yams are probably my favorite Thanksgiving Dinner dish. Skip the pumpkin pie and double the yams!
 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-12037-1385503223-16.gif

To quote my little cousin as we watched Frozen. "Are you crying because you don't have a true love?" "Are you crying because you wish someone would kiss you?
 photo tumblr_inline_mwwokyLfJA1r4cyvd.gif

I. Am. Anna. I am the new disney princess from Frozen. I can't begin to explain, if I wasn't an older sister and the fact well my sister doesn't have magical powers that deal with snow and I am not actually a princess.... I would think they wrote about my life. 
 photo tumblr_mtrfkrcr0i1s3hm0qo8_250.gif

November 22, 2013


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the cutest baby shower for my great friend's baby Emmalyn. It's super cute, Emmalyn's parents have such a cute love story. 
They met in high school and for years she loved him, he never really seeing her as an option. I remember the sleepovers of her wanting him and loving who he was as a person. Finally in college the summer before sophomore year they finally dated. We all were so ecstatic! About time he realized the right girl was always in front of him. Now they are married and on their way to having an adorable bundle of joy for us all to enjoy.
Anyway it was a beautiful shower...
Me and Abbie were pretty glad to
shop for our first Babyshower! Auntie
Brookie and Abbie have a ring to it!

How adorable are these cupcakes!?
A baby carriage!! LOVE this idea.
So cute!
Well that's it for an update now. xoxo

November 10, 2013


...These are a few of my favorite things.

I am so incredibly blessed day to day by my amazing best friend, Abigail. The amount of time she puts up with my hectic, overly dramatic worries and stories through text and in person. It's a pretty crazy story how we met we had always had classes together and in high school we both were cast as Cheerleaders in our school's production of High School Musical. We did a kids camp where we got assigned to a kid and she ended up with my sister... the next year my sister found out I had a class with her and made me give her notes and drawings haha. And through that we kept talking and became best friends, who knew my little sister would lead me to my best friend? But really isn't a favorite thing to be able to have such a bond in your life as best friends!? Amazing! 
I can't even begin to explain just how much Theatre has meant to me, it has helped me grow into the person I am today. It has helped grow my relationship with God, it has introduced me to life-long friendships, and it has provided a passion that I just can't give up on. It was the one place where my dramatic tendencies actually helped me succeed. Not to mention theatre provides amazinggggg music and amazing nights out. So many of the most memorable nights of college and high school were theatre related. (Like the night I met the AMAZING Laura Osnes!) 

PLUS you get to go around singing songs like

I love the fact that there are rainbows at the end of storms, because it is a reminder that in life.... a rainbow will eventually come. I can think of all the different things I once had thought were doors closing, dreams being crashed, etc... that turned out to be protecting me, opening me up for something better, or just makes a story that much better. I can't wait for the storms and rainbows of my life, that make my story my story.
It took me a while to be thankful for Roomies haha. The last two... were not exactly ideal. But these roomies, I can not thank God enough for! They are kind, loving, and put up with me... so you know they're saints haha. We always have a great time, and can go to each other for anything. I am thankful to call them my friends not only roomies.
My grandma refuses to pose for photos, she is such a funny thing. In the summer I always have lunches with her on my days off... that is if I am not at a friends house but I make sure I can at least once a week. It is such a special time laughing about life, telling stories, and getting her Godly wisdom. I can not explain how much she has influenced me and made me the woman I am today. I know I can always call her when stressed, she is praying for me, and no matter what I will always have her by my side as my biggest fan. The other day I called her stressed about school and theatre and she told me, "Well since you were a little girl I knew you were going to make it so how about that? Wait til I see you on broadway." And when I was worried about my own abilities she reminded me quickly, "You don't have much faith do you?" It isn't about me, God will open the doors he wants opened. See, I told you she is a wise woman. :) 
Growing up I never realized just how much I am like my mother, how crazy awesome my little sister is, or the Godly man my Dad is. I am thankful I am realizing when I am, my crazy family is one of my favorite parts about my life. They are always supporting me and my wild dreams from being a cheerleader, to dancing (SO GLAD THEY INTRODUCED ME TO THAT), to playing basketball, to playing soccer (that lasted a day... literally a day haha), and of course supporting me in theatre. It was my mother who told my dad I needed to go for my dreams. I am thankful for the idea of family, the actuality of family, and though when I say this I mean my actual family.... that family can mean anything. Those who support you, love you, those you can come to. Family is so powerful, no matter the kind. 
Seriously... how cute is my family!?!?

November 7, 2013


I have decided to start a new weekly thing, "Thinking Thursday" where I post a quote, bible verse, song, blog post, etc... anything that really got me thinking. Something I want to share with all of you! 

So let's raise a cup of coffee and clink over the first "Thinking Thursday."

Resist the urge to compare, and instead embrace that this dream is between you and God. He doesn't want you to change who you are to be someone else. He simply wants you to become all he's created you to be and trust that means you will have everything you need to make this dream come true.... You are a one-of-a-kind wonderful. You are chosen by God for a particular purpose, and he promises to see it through to completion if you'll only say yes to what he's whispering to your heart and your heart alone.
That was taken from Holley Gerth's You're Made for a God-Sized Dream. This book has truly blessed my life, it's great to take a few minutes out of your day and read this along with my bible and my other book I am using as a devotional (Check it out! This book is AMAZING!) Anyway it really made me think about my dreams and how God can truly open doors if you follow his will for your life and listen to him and if he wants you there... you will be there.

November 5, 2013


15 Random Things I Have Learned:
  1. Cherish the times you have with your family, one day you will wake up on a Saturday morning and they won't be there to watch cartoons or make you muffins randomly. You will miss those moments...
  2. Although the fear causes panic attacks... if the fear wasn't there in the first place chances are that isn't the dream you should really be going after.
  3. God has a way of protecting you with what seems so major and horrible at the moment. He was just saving you for something better, cliche' but oh so true.
  4. Journaling does miracles. It also improves your memory.
  5. November and Thanksgiving isn't the only time to be thankful of think of the good in your life, because it's ALWAYS there.
  6. Life's too short not to live by the A Cinderella Story motto "Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game."
  7. The deep gut feelings are usually right.
  8. Never be ashamed of your conscience, thank God he gave you one.
  9. There is simply beauty in something as simple as a smile between acquaintances.
  10. It's okay if you can't swim, ride a bike, or have never carved a pumpkin.... you can still enjoy life. Trust me... I know ;) 
  11. Expose yourself to as much as possible: classic books, theatre, movies, and yes even sports. 
  12. Take the time to build up those around you.
  13. Trust in your talent, who you are, and who God made you to be. Other opinions don't matter, if God wants you there... He will make it happen. 
  14. Hug your Grandma and call her all the time, she could end up your best friend.
  15. Your story is beautiful, anything can come out of it. 


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with that, the stress is building high.

As I read my devotions this morning this stood out to me, a message for all us who are feeling discouraged or the fear is keeping us from wanting to pursue our dreams....

I hope this brightens up your day xoxo.

November 3, 2013


These are a few of my favorite things.

As another week winds down and it's time to get thrown into the hussle and bussle of yet again another crazy week... I love being able to make that cup of coffee, sit by my computer, and blog of the blessings that were this week. A time to thank God for the little or the great that made this week some how okay ;)
  • Coffee Creamer. Now that it is November I feel slightly better about craving that Peppermint Mocha creamer for my coffee. It gives me a smile every morning to know as I sit with my Jesus Is___. book or sit with a journal, that Peppermint Mocha is keeping me company. 
  • Good Reads. As stated earlier I am reading Jesus Is_____.  by Judah Smith. Such a wonderful book with great insight on todays culture and understanding Jesus so much better. Along with that book I also from time to time read You're Made for a God-Sixed Dream by Holley Gerth. Great reads, I recommend them! 
  • Fall. I am completely in love with fall right now, it's so nice to walk along my neighborhood and have talks with God. And this time in fall is the gateway to Christmas... so I can hardly contain my excitement! 

I hope your Sunday is amazing and filled with joy! 

November 1, 2013


It's November and I thought what better way to really kick off this month then to have another embarrassing tale of me and my track record of talking to boys. So if you think you're bad in the whole boy department... I will make you feel better. I will make you feel EVEN better with this and this.

Number One
Okay... so my freshman year I was in our student center and I was walking to the door to leave and head to acting class not paying attention. I ended up almost running into a guy from the acting class I was heading into who had happened to get to the door and almost collide with the guy walking into the student center who is no other than the guy I have hit with volleyballs, tripped in front of, and oh so much more. I swear he follows me... anyway, so there are the three of us. We have the guy holding the door (Volleyball guy), the guy from my class, and me... so I am waiting for the guy in my class to go through the door as volleyball guy is so clearly holding the door and I am staring at Volleyball guy.... an awkward twenty seconds (not even exaggerating) go by and me and volleyball guy are staring at each other when my brain finally turns on. The other guy is waiting for me to go first... so I wake up from my embarrassing daze and say sorry and rush out. Luckily the guys weren't like why are you so stupid. And volleyball guy laughed, smiled, and said I was fine.

Number Two
So this was spring semester of my sophomore year after a long grueling night of auditions and callbacks. I just had one of the funniest callbacks of my life, me trying to do classical ballet after years of not doing it... hahahah. I mean I pulled through and did the best but it was rough. Like 13 year old Brooke would have been so much better. So I am walking with my now Roomie and we are laughing about how bad that callback went for us when somehow we get blocked in the hallway by two guys talking about their callback and we are trying to find a way to get around them. Finally there is a window of opportunity and me and my friend rush quickly past them... when somehow we end up almost in the midst of their hug. We are about to be smushed together somehow ended up being hugged by two not random but basically random guys in the theatre hallway... when my friend proceeds to make the oddest face and weirdest noise. There is no way I could write it out.. but I oh so wish I could. We were never awkwardly almost hugged by them in a sandwich again.... hahaha. 

Number Three
I am rushing to get to my bible class and decide to take the shortcut and take a different hallway which just so happens to be the hallway where al the events happen. Well today there are girl scouts selling cookies, and somehow I end up next to Volleyball guy and what happens? I am in such a rush to dodge and duck I end up smacking a poor little girl scout with my messenger bag. I about cried... my bag was HUGE and HEAVY and I just smacked a poor innocent girl in the face... infront of the guy I always somehow hit. My life.....

Number Four
The problem with me is my imagination often goes wild with crazy scenarios and somehow they end up happening right before my eyes. One day I am standing in line waiting to buy a water bottle thinking how funny would it be if I had happened to accidentally drop my water bottle and meet a nice guy and we end up married. You know... how evidently my mind thought it always works out. Well right after that I somehow I lose the water bottle... it goes flying... and hits a random guy. It didn't end with him bringing it up to me and us getting married obviously. It ended with me bright red, screaming I am so sorry and running to grab the water bottle and hiding in embarrassment. That is me.

October 31, 2013


I am horrible when it comes to halloween, I seriously just can't.... the moment halloween is mentioned creativity leaves my head. So in order for a good laugh I thought I would post some past costumes and then just some past photos of my dressed up in costumes... period. NOT EVEN FOR HALLOWEEN. So enjoy....
Little Brooke as Dorothy.... STILL a favorite movie and role after
all this time. 
See what I mean... such a horrible "Alice In Wonderland" ahhah
There I am as a nun...
Colonial outfit...
Let's take a minute to realize this exists...
This Halloween.... 
Bonus Round:  

That's right once upon a time I had crazy teased hair and was a hag....

Happy Halloween. 

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