Friday, September 30, 2016


Friday, September 30, 2016

Most of my life I've been in a rush to get to the next stage. Rather it was out of fear or embarrassment, excitement for what's ahead, or just plain discontentment in my current season of life... day dreaming is a concept I know well. Arguably too well. I've been told my head is too into the clouds and that I basically am like a real life Disney princess...

I'm impatient, anyone who knows me well knows that's a fact. You know that scene in Bridewars when Liv runs into her boyfriend's office screaming and demanding why he can't ask her to marry him already. That's my life, on the inside I'm ready to have a panic attack at a moments notice.

I can see it now: I show up innocently holding a pumpkin. I smash it into the grown while screaming like an actual mad woman, ASK ME OUT BEFORE I TURN INTO A PUMPKIN. *dramatically falls to the ground and sighs heavily*

That's me in a nutshell.

Great now I sound crazy, you're ready to click that red x in a hurried panic, and I just word vomited all over my little corner of the internet. Before you think I actually go around screaming and smashing pumpkins, I totally don't.. :) I'm just a tad bit dramatic...

I half blame Disney movies (I'm a giant Disney princess fan) and I have a theory that I like to call the Ariel principle. She had three days to make Prince Eric fall for her (AND IT WORKED??) so basically I give myself three days for anything until I'm discouraged.

Okay that's a bit of an exaggeration because I know things take time and you work hard for what you want. 

My head also is in the clouds a good 99% of the time, so I know what holding out hope for the impossible means. In the little areas of life though, I'm the most impatient. The waiting for a response when you sent it .3 seconds ago, slow drivers (this is my downfall and where I need to pray to the Lord for the strength and forgiveness), impatience because food doesn't make itself (Can I get an amen!?), etc.

Here is what I realized lately though, none of this matters Brooke- get out of your own head (!!!) Life is so much more than those defining moments, getting what we want, or feeling like we will never amount to those things we wanted to do or be. Life is about taking the time to enjoy the ride, to lean on God when you feel like you might break down and start acting like a two year old in the middle of a beach... life is about embracing the wait. 

I admit for a couple of days I was wrinkling my nose like a four year old being forced to eat broccoli because all my life I put off learning patience. I mean this is embarrassing to admit, but I would strategically word my prayers so I would never ask for patience (yes, I can be that stubborn) I heard the horror stories you wait in agony for days, weeks, sometimes years. I thought I was going to be kicking and scratching my entire way through this lesson, and I know it's only the beginning- but I feel oddly comforted. I wake up eager to figure out what I'll learn for the day and I can't wait to open my journal and talk to God.

Yesterday I was overwhelmed and burnt out and was journal-ing a prayer out to God when I felt him speak to me (and it was incredible, it was the first time in a long time I felt like I was slowly figuring out life) and he whispered to me "You wait Brooke, that's all you do,"

So here is where I am now, waiting and trying to learn all I can. I'm not one to give up hope easily, so I am embracing the hope to learn and the hope to become patient. Let's see what happens...

I will leave this post with this quote from a Proverbs 31 devotional "Embrace The Wait"
God steps in to be our portion for that day. He is in the wait and we'll sense that if only we will look for Him rather then always looking ahead to the next stage of life.

May we embrace the wait and be strong together

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Perfect Getting Ready Playlist with Airtime

Sunday, September 25, 2016

There's something special when you and the girls gather one place and all trade and swap clothes, have the music blaring, take shots together, and post way too many photos in your snap story ((oops...)). Typically, it's those nights that begin with a full out getting ready party that end up being the most memorable.

So when the app Airtime reached out to me, I was excited to learn about an app that had video message, group message, and Spotify all in one! In today's day and age how many times have you sent "What are you wearing?? Should I look cute or casual?" only to show up and evidently peoples meanings of cute, casual, and dressy are vastly different?

I remember one night this summer in particular that seemingly started off as a girls night in. I got the text that Kelli was having people over and I could swing by too and spend the night. Naturally I picked up a bottle of wine and mike's margaritas (if you've never had them they're the thanks John B for the suggestion) Now if you think you're going to an innocent girls night and you ask one of your friends "Should I dress cute or casual?" and they respond that they're in basic gym attire... you would not be prepared to see boys.

So there I am in an over-sized t-shirt, no bra, and terry cloth booty shorts looking as hot as ever when my friend Skylar runs out and says the dreaded words "I invited lifeguards, they're coming." With only a thin coat of mascara and my hair in a pony-tail I was ready to barricade myself into a room and never come out. No amount of margaritas or countless rounds of kings would prepare me to meet a cute boy for the first time ever looking like I escaped prison.

Of course my other friends arrived in tank tops and cute shorts- evidently I was the only one who wanted people to wonder rather I was actually a boy or not. If we had had airtime on our phones, the video chat feature would have saved me from a lifetime of embarrassment.

Don't you worry though- I still rocked out to Broccoli and didn't let the blooper ruin a good time. Me and my friend used to joke that if a man still found you attractive even after seeing you in a fanny pack (a daily accessory for work), I think the same can be said for over sized t-shirts at a raging party. Don't worry that next Monday I made sure to notify all involved that I actually know how to dress and look presentable and I think that worked just fine.

I was inspired by Airtime and the apps tools to create my own getting ready playlist on Spotify that pump me up even to do the smallest of actions (like getting ready to take on a full day of nannying). It's full of songs that reminds me of friends and summer. Chance are most of these songs I heard daily because my friends loved them so much and i just really miss them alright?? (... so please check it out and let's all thank God for Summer 16... Summer of Surprises.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer Is...

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

  • ...waking up to eggs and bacon in the morning.
  • ...the taste of lemonade.
  • ...beach filled days.
  • ...the smell of suncreen.
  • ...limoncello. 
  • ...malibu shots with chasers because you and your friend are "weak".
  • ...mourning the loss of Victoria Secret bathing suits.
  • ...throwing up in the bathroom at Mountain Bar (sorry mom and dad, I learned my lesson and will refrain).
  • ...spent in outdoor showers.
  • ...listening to Broccoli over and over.
  • ...learning you made the moves on a guy by accident (oops).
  • ...smoothies from Yianni's in Brigantine, NJ.
  • ...Kelli's House (AKA Little Momma's House of Hoodlums)
  • ...your friend accidentally hitting a pole while driving your car after a Luke Bryan concert.
  • ...Cayman Jack's margaritas.
  • ...gaining best friends out of co-workers.
  • ...finding ways to reach people you barely know even when you don't have a phone while at a party because sometimes you have to tackle a problem head on.,,
  • ...taking way too many photos for the perfect fire insta.
  • chats that drain your battery life.
  • ...learning lessons and God's love in the strangest ways possible, especially when you feel like you're practically in a hole screaming out for nothing.
  • ...loosing your phone to the ocean.
  • ...spent in the bad vibe room.
  • ...being phone-less for two weeks, during the most eventful moments of the summer.
  • ...having bad/good memories associated with outfits.
  • ...watching way too many re-runs of Say Yes to the Dress.
  • ...Wawa iced coffee.
  • ...lifeguard races.
  • ...getting lost in AC at the Golden Nugget, phone-less.
  • ...crying (hysterically) on the sidewalk at 2am with two friends.
  • ...nights filled with playing Kings.
  • ...loosing and winning Never Have I Ever.
  • ...secret parking lot parties.
  • ,,,THE DRANK.
  • ...when you lie to strangers that it's your 21st birthday for free shots (Looking at you Meg).
  • ...handlebar-in because you can't ride a bike.
  • ...late night wawa runs.
  • ...binge-watching Shameless.
  • ...all you can eat sushi.
  • ...discussing pinterest on your lunch break.
  • ...accidentally breaking your friends toothbrush holder, spilling wine all over her room, and somehow ruining her comforter while you're at it. (I love you Kelli) 
  • ...witnessing beach weddings.
  • ...dancing on the beach to Drake.
  • ...Amish bands.
  • ..."badges we don't need no stinkin badges."
  • ...gaining new nicknames that will probably follow you for life,
  • ...journaling on the beach.
  • ... life changing.

I can't begin to understand or explain how much this summer meant to be. Throughout this summer I inisted this was the worst summer ever and was my least favorite, but turns out this was my favorite summer ever.

I'll be honest, I wasn't always on my best behavior this summer and I made many mistakes- some bigger than others... but I learned in the most authentic, genuine way that God loves us despite our actions, sins, and mistakes. I was telling a friend the other day that sometimes I sit around and think about how much God really loves us. Think of all the life changing moments, mistakes, and good things too that have happened in your life over the span of your years... He knew everything. He knew you were going to lie about that bad grade, He knew you'd slip up and say the f word while experiencing road rage, and he knew I'd slip up but He still chose to die on the cross for my sins too.

When the sun shines, it feels like a hug from God- I've always sad that. I mean it too. He still is hugging me and leading me out of my mistakes, failures, and worries... I just have to listen and obey and learn.

Learning is hard and I'm struggling daily, and the enemy whispers lies all the time that make me dwell in my mistakes. I'm still learning... but I know the books not closed, so I will be just fine.

So thank you to the one person who helped me with this life revelation. You didn't set off to teach me about God and Jesus and religion, that I'm sure of but God used you and I'm glad. I'm glad I met you, and for a while I never thought I'd say that.

Thank you to every friend who helped clean up my messes this summer- rather that meant literally getting soap and water and scrubbing to holding me as I cried inaudible, you were there for every single moment and I can't express how much that means to me.

Thank you to Summer '16, Summer of Surprises... you'll be missed

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May Favorites

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

It's been a crazy week (and it's only Wednesday!). I have been spending most of my day packing, I am preparing for a girls weekend in Charlotte with one of my best friends, and I leave for Jersey in five days (!!!)

Also, who here watches The Bachelorette? This season is insane. I have so many questions, like what in the world does JoJo see in Evan!? Why can't I stop staring at Jordan every time he's remotely on my tv? And how in the world are there people rooting for Chad, because I feel like he's going to be the star in my nightmares from now on... anyway, back to my favorites lol

1. CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara: If you've been a reader for a while then you know if I love something (especially mascara) I gush, I admit I never thought I'd find a mascara I liked more than ItCosmetic's Hello Lashes. With recommendation from a dear friend (and a total envy crush on her lashes) I bought this mascara, and (no joke) two more people in my life have asked for the name and have gone out and bought it. When your lashes still look amazing via a crappy dusty iphone snap... then you know you find the one *insert hand making the ok gesture emoji*

2. Maybelline Master Pro Contour Palette: It's always such a depressing moment when your favorite high-end palette smashes into a million tiny pieces. I picked up this one instead because well a target is a lot closer than a sephora or ulta. I absolutely adore the highlight in this palette, I want to go around adding it to everyone I see lol.

3. Buxom's Lip Gloss in "White Russian": I won't lie, I originally only bought this because Taylor Morgan raved about it in her snap and blog. The next thing you know it's a staple in my everyday makeup routine. 

4. Secret Deodorant in "Macaroon Delight": Okay so I realize it might be slightly crazy and delirious  to include a deodorant and perhaps you're about to click that little red x above but I love the scent of this deodorant. I also love macaroons, so really it's quite a win win.

1. Victoria Secret Getaway Halter: I'm still mourning the fact that Victoria Secret will be discontinuing their swim line (I'm not okay...). I adore the color of this top, it's comfy and even being halter... I find myself picking it out of the collection more than I thought I would. I know it will be a go-to at work on the beach.

2. Swan Pool Float: If you're on basically any social media (Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr) then you know that pool floats are everywhere but there's something about the swan that keeps me going back to it.

3. Sun Bum Chapstick: I believe I've talked about this chapstick a lot on LookBrooke, but it's my absolute favorite. It leaves my lips feeling smooth, re-hydrated, and it leaves this sugary-sweet taste (just being honest.) 

4.  Ray Bans Aviators: Literally my favorite sunglasses ever, my dad actually bought me a pair for Christmas (they were Wayfarers) and they fell off my head during a boat ride and my life was shattered. (Okay, a tad bit dramatic...) One day while working at the beach though I saw something in the sand and pulled up aviators.

1. Guac This Way shirt: Lately, I've been wanting to add a bunch of crazy random shirts to my closet. I used to hate t-shirts but I feel like this is a fun way to add a statement and still be super comfy.

2. H&M Shorts: You always need a good pair of distressed jeans to take on the day, and with the price tag being $20, I'm swooning hard.... ;)

3. Steve Madden Nude Sandal: I barely own any heeled sandals and obviously a good nude sandal is the place to start, I can already imagine all the different outfits I could pair these shoes with! 

1. She's The Man: I know, I know this movie came out when I was like in 8th grade so how possibly could it be on my favorites but some movies you just become ya know? Like basically how we are the generation that might tear up a little bit if we hear the words High School Musical (I still remember feeling like a true star in the making when I was told to come to the board and write out how to correctly spell Zac Efron... yeah claim to fame right there lol) Anyway. I'm pretty sure everybody and their grandmas (except one poor unfortunate 24 year old male soul who now has been redeemed thanks to moi!) know this movie but I recently watched it for the first time in a while and forgot how genuinely funny it is. Also, any gif from the movie is the perfect reaction for boys on tinder ("Girls with asses like mine, don't talk to boys with faces like yours.") 

2. Yogurt Parfaits: If you follow me on instagram then you know the other day I sat down with a yogurt parfait and Southern Charm and began my morning (pure bliss!). Lately, I've been loving adding this salted caramel greek yogurt mousse to the bowl and topping it off with sliced strawberries, blackberries, and a little bit of honey roasted granola!

3. MUSIC: If you've been around a while then you know I'm a theatre nerd. A huge one in fact and if you're new to the party, I am so sorry. Lately there are two soundtracks I seem to have on repeat daily. Those are Spring Awakening and Hamilton, if you happen not to live under a rock then you know or have at least heard of Hamilton. When I'm happy, sad, tired, or just need background noise these two are the way to go. ((Also both have Jonathan Groff, so win win!!)) 

What are some of your favorites??

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Off The Shoulder

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Can you spot the bandaid? How embarrassing, the other day I was making muffins for breakfast and somehow slid the top of my arm onto one of the hot racks (ouchhh). It doesn't take long to realize I'm accident prone between the tripping, bumping of the head, and almost falling off beds that are a regular occurrence. *insert monkey covering his eyes emoji* A good friend of mine used to joke that I'd meet the love of my life by tripping into them or hurting myself... I'm beginning to think they are 100% right ha!

I know off the shoulder is such a big trend right now, but I honestly can't get enough of it. I had been searching for a good two months for the perfect dress to wear to a graduation and off the shoulder kept being a thing I knew I wanted the dress to include. I finally logged onto Francesca's one day and immediately knew I had found the dress!

Basically, if life was like a cartoon... my entire closet would be full with this little number. I'd wear it over and over again...


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